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Lexi Bonner Fighting Kid Video

If you’ve been on Twitter or TikTok recently, you might have came across a video of a girl beating a kid.

According to multiple Snapchat stories, the girl has been identified as Lexi Bonner.

The video went viral on social media platforms due to its atrocities.

The girl in the video seems to be beating a smaller kid who is defenseless.

This article contains the Lexi Bonner fighting kid video, why is the jump footage trending on TikTok/Twitter, and what happened.

What is the Lexi Bonner jump video?

The Lexi Bonner jump or fight video is a video of a girl beating up a defenseless kid.

The girl, identified as Lexi Bonner, was beating and pushing around an autistic kid.

According to Twitter, the kid was trying to make friends in the park, but 14-year-old Lexi decided to bully him.

The boy in the video is reportedly autistic and was much younger and smaller than the girl.

This made him especially vulnerable to the senseless attack.

Twitter users were outraged by the video, criticizing Lexi and some even sending her death threats.

According to a post by Bobbie Diggs, she contacted the mother of the child to clear up rumors.

The mother of boy who was beaten claimed that her son has no broken bones.

He also isn’t dead and is only bruised and sore from the ordeal.

Bobbie also set up a fundraiser for the kid and managed to get over $4,000 in donations.

Lexi Bonner fighting kid video

Warning: The posts below contains potentially sensitive content (view at your own discretion).

On April 16, @brutalfightz reposted a video from, itslibby_b on TikTok.

The video contains footage of the girl known as Lexi and a boy who wore a red shirt.

The boy nudged Lexi, and she started chasing him and beating him up.

Reports claim that the police has started an investigation.

Another footage, posted by @danger85870 on Twitter shows the boy getting kicked by Lexi.

He was crying and shouting at Lexi and her friends to stay away from him.

The girl continued to beat the kid up despite his cries and at one point, he grabbed him and slammed him onto the ground.

The video got over 2 million views, and Twitter users were criticizing the people in the video for not stopping the girl from committing the atrocities.

Another video, posted by @cl0wnfulbill on Twitter shows the kid lying on the grass.

He was crying and screaming for Lexi to stop, but she continued kicking him.

The video got over 100k views with many users sending death threats to the girl.

The boy in the video is currently recovering from the ordeal, and did not have any life threatening injuries.

This was confirmed by the boy’s mother, according to a post by Bobbie Diggs.

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