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Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer AR Quiz Answers

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This guide contains all of Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer AR quiz answers by Rick Riordan (Renaissance Accelerated Reading).

Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer AR Quiz Answers

Question: What were Annabeth and Uncle Frederick doing on Beacon Street?

Answer: Passing out flyers with Magnus’s name and photo on them.

Question: To retrieve Magnus’s birthright, Randolph drove him to —.

Answer: The Longfellow Bridge.

Question: What happened after Magnus and Surt went over the bridge railing?

Answer: The girl on the horse dived towards Magnus and grabbed his wrist.

Question: What was Sam’s punishment for bringing Magnus to Valhalla?

Answer: Being stripped of her powers and privileges as a Valkyrie.

Question: What did Magnus do during his first battle in Valhalla?

Answer: He shouted and made a shock blast that knocked everybody’s weapons away.

Question: After leaving Valhalla, Magnus went to look for the magic sword in —.

Answer: His coffin at the funeral home.

Question: Who was Blitz and Heath’s mysterious classified boss?

Answer: Mimir, a severed head.

Question: Why did Surt want Frey’s sword?

Answer: To free Fenris Wolf, whom the gods had imprisoned on an island.

Question: When speaking to the eagle, Magnus “swore by his troth” to —.

Answer: Get one of Idun’s apples of immortality from Ran.

Question: On Harald’s boat, how did Magnus and Sam get Ran’s attention?

Answer: They used a bull’s head as bait to catch the World Serpent.

Question: To be more innocuous, the Sword of Summer changed to appear as a —.

Answer: Small, white runestone on a gold chain.

Question: What did Freya want Blitz to do when he spoke to Junior?

Answer: Commission some earnings to match her necklace.

Question: During the contest against Junior, Magnus suggested that Blitz craft —.

Answer: Fashionable clothing that doubled as armour.

Question: During the contest, what did Sam do that Junior said was cheating?

Answer: She shape-shifted into a horsefly and bit him on the face.

Question: Why did Thor want Magnus and the others to go to Geirrod’s fortress?

Answer: To check for Thor’s hammer, which wasn’t officially missing.

Question: Inside the room where the giantesses were having dinner, Sam noticed —.

Answer: A bird cage that held Gunilla in the form of a white swan.

Question: What reward did Hel offer if Magnus surrendered the sword to his uncle?

Answer: Uniting him and his mother in Helheim and binding their souls.

Question: Jack helped Magnus secure Fenris Wolf by —.

Answer: Threading the rope called Andskoti around the Wolf’s legs and snout.

Question: When Magnus met his dad, Frey, for the first time, Frey gave him a —.

Answer: Sealed ceramic jar that was about the size of a heart.

Question: What did Loki do when he was in the office of Randolph’s town house?

Answer: He cupped his hand on Randolph’s cheek and left a hand-shaped scar.

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