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How to Make Andrew Tate in GTA 5

Andrew Tate GTA 5 memes have skyrocketed in popularity on TikTok.

The memes showcase a POV of someone getting punched by Andrew for doing something that he dislikes.

An example of a meme is “Andrew Tate sees you vaping”.

This video got over 6 million views and more than 650k likes on TikTok.

And another one, “Andrew Tate catches you working a 9-5 job”.

It got so popular that Andrew and his brother reacted to the GTA memes in an Emergency Meeting live stream.

Tristan: “Now, this guy is called GTA 5 Tate”.

Andrew: “He makes a little me and I run around GTA”.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make Andrew Tate in GTA 5 online by customizing your character (features, clothes, tattoos, and more).

How to make Andrew Tate in GTA 5

Andrew Tate GTA 5


  1. Mom – Violet
  2. Dad – Benjamin


  • Brow – Custom (Out)
  • Eyes – Custom (Wide)
  • Nose – Custom (Middle)
  • Nose Profile – Custom (Middle)
  • Nose Tip – Custom (Middle)
  • Cheekbones – Custom (Middle)
  • Cheeks – Custom (Middle)
  • Lips – Custom (Middle)
  • Jaw – Custom (Round)
  • Chin Profile – Custom (Up-In)
  • Chin Shape – Custom (Pointed)


  • Hair – Close Shave
  • Eyebrows – Groomed
  • Facial Hair – Trimmed Beard
  • Skin Blemishes – None
  • Skin Aging – None
  • Skin Complexion – None
  • Moles and Freckles – None
  • Skin Damage – None
  • Eye Color – Dark Brown
  • Eye Makeup – None
  • Lipstick – None


  • Torso Chest – King of the Jungle
  • Right Arm – Skull & Aces


  • Jeans – 56/77
  • T-Shirts – 61/78
  • Sneakers – 3/37
  • Aviator glasses – 18/23

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