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How to Get Moon-Blessed Claw in WoW

In World of Warcraft, you can explore the realm of Azeroth and go on an adventure.

Take on the role of a hero, battle monsters, navigate dungeons, and defend Azeroth.

Begin your adventure at Exile’s Reach and uncover the fate of a lost expedition.

Learn the basics of battle, explore dungeons, and progress to level 20 for free.

Choose your path as a hero and align yourself with either the Horde or the Alliance.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get the Moon-Blessed Claw in World of Warcraft (WoW) Dragonflight to unlock the Moon-Blessed Dreamsaber Appearance.

How to Get Moon-Blessed Claw in WoW

To get the Moon-Blessed Claw in WoW, you need to first loot the small box of vials at the Eye of Ysera.

Each vial is marked with a letter that represents a continent.

You need to go to these continents and fill up each vial at a Moonwell.

Lastly, you need to combine the vials by standing next to the Feral Dreamstone.

Step 1: Loot the Small Box of Vials

  1. Go to the Eye of Ysera in the Emerald dream at /way 54.88 25.42.
  2. Pick up the Small Box of Vials on the ground and open it to get 6 vials.
  3. Each vial is marked with a letter (E, K, N, B, O, and D).
  4. The letter represents Eastern Kingdom, Kalimdor, Northrend, Broken Isles, Outland, and Draenor respectively.
  5. You need to go to each of these continents and fill up the vial of a matching letter at a Moonwell.

Step 2: Fill up the vials

Fill up the vials with the corresponding letters at these Moonwells:

  • Kalimdor: Moonglade at /way 67.38 60.10.
  • Eastern Kingdom: Duskwood at /way 49.08 33.56.
  • Broken Isles: Emerald Bay at /way 49.38 38.08.
  • Draenor: Starfall Outpost at /way 29.46 24.43.
  • Northrend: Star Rest in Dragonblight at /way 29.23 55.55.
  • Outland: Blade’s Edge Mounains at Sylvanaar at /way 37.17 63.82.

Step 3: Combine the vials

  1. Go back to the Emerald Dream and go to /way 41.81 66.94.
  2. You’ll see a Feral Dreamstone behind the big rock.
  3. Stand next to the Feral Dreamstone and right-click a vial in your bag.
  4. The vials will be combined into a Coalesced Moonlight.
  5. Use the Coalesced Moonlight and stand in the light.
  6. Loot the Feral Dreamstone to get the Moon-Blessed Claw.
  7. Use the Moon-Blessed Claw to unlock the Moon-Blessed Dreamsaber appearance.

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