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Nathaniel B Meme Meaning

Nathaniel B recently went viral on TikTok in a span of days.

The meme is similar to the Quandale Dingle meme.

If you don’t know about the Quandale Dingle meme, it’s a screenshot of a Windows user named “Quandale Dingle”.

The meme went viral because of how goofy the name sounds.

In addition, no one really knows who the guy is.

Similarly, Nathaniel B went viral because of its goofiness and mysteriousness.

In this article, you’ll learn what the Nathaniel B meme is about, what it means, and its lore.

Nathaniel B meme

The Nathaniel B meme is about a rap battle between two high school football players.

The video was first uploaded in 2020, but it only went viral in 2022 after someone reposted it.

Since then, many other TikTok users started reposting the video as well.

The most successful repost of the roast battle gained over 2.9 million views.

In the video, the shorter high school student mentioned “Nathaniel B” in one of his bars.

Here’s what he said, “That sh*t was trash. You can’t handle me. Hold up, ain’t you Nathaniel B?”.

His teammates started to laugh and one of them asked, “What did he say?”.

The original video was posted by @oscar_dozzz.

Unfortunately, his TikTok account was permanently banned.

Hence, the original Nathaniel B video is gone for good.

The meme gained even more popularity after a well-known YouTuber, IShowSpeed, watched the roast battle in one of his streams.

Currently, the meme has been falsely linked with a boat and another well-known YouTuber named Nathaniel Bandy.

Nathaniel B meaning

Nathaniel B is the brother of the taller high school football player in the rap battle.

The football player that said “Nathaniel B” in the battle is @princemaj3 on TikTok.

He made a video explaining what “Nathaniel B” means.

Here’s what he said, “It all started during my freshman year going into the sophomore year”.

“We had a day off of practice and my coach made a fun day for the team since we practiced all summer”.

“We had fun events around the field, that’s why we’re on the field”.

“So, all those starters and upperclassmen were in a circle having a rap battle”.

“At that time, I was like a known SoundCloud rapper around the school”.

“I got in the circle and I’m up against my boy Amelia and he’s like one of the popular kids”.

“Before I said the Nathaniel B line, we said like three or four other lines”.

“The dude I was battling, I knew him personally, so I knew his whole family”.

“And so, I was about to flame him and call him his little brother, which was Daniel B”.

“But his name was not Daniel B, it was Nathaniel”.

“And before I said it, I was like you can’t handle me”.

“And if I would have said aren’t you Nathaniel, that would have been a fail”.

“So I added Nathaniel B, and that’s where it all comes from”.

Basically, he added a “B” to Nathaniel so that it rhymes with his previous bar, “You can’t handle me”.

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