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Omah Lay Concert Video (Girl Left Boyfriend to Dance)

Omah Lay, the 26-year-old Nigerian singer went viral on social media platforms after dancing intimately with a girl on stage.

He is known for his songs—Understand, soso, Godly, Lo Lo, I’m a mess, and many others.

In one of his concerts, Omah picked a girl from the audience to come up on stage to dance with him.

The dance was about 2 minutes long, and Omah and the girl were intimate with each other.

They both had extremely close body contact while the audience constantly cheered them on.

However, what’s preposterous is that the girl’s boyfriend was also in the audience as they went to the concert together.

The 2-minute-long video went viral on X, YouTube, and TikTok.

Close to the end of the video, the camera panned to the girl’s boyfriend and he was shaking his head in disapproval.

At the end of the video, someone recorded the boyfriend walking away alone while laughing hysterically.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Bruno Rizzy on February 23, and got over 150k views in 2 days.

Here are some of the viewers’ comments, “My man learned an important lesson I hope”.

“This man will bounce back, stronger and wiser” and “People laughing at his misfortune! It’s crazy and downright disrespectful”.

Omah responded to the incident on Instagram and made a statement.

“I asked her if she came alone and she confidently said yes. She told me to feel free” – Omah Lay.

“If I had the slightest idea that her boyfriend was present, I would’ve picked another girl” – Omah Lay.

A few days after the incident, Kai Cenat, a popular Twitch streamer, reached out to the man whose girl was on stage with Omah.

He invited him to a video call and addressed the situation with his girlfriend.

In the video call, the man claimed that he had been dating his girl for less than a year, and that “7 years” was just a rumor.

Kai then hosted a “20 vs 1 date” for the man where he chose his next girlfriend.

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