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25+ Free PGSharp Activation Keys

PGSharp is a tool designed for Pokemon Go players, offering features that provide convenience.

It allows users to enjoy Pokemon Go without the need to root their Android devices.

Key features of PGSharp include custom shortcuts, speed control, location spoofing, and more.

It also offers utilities like inventory IV tracking, encounter IV details, and caught previews.

The tool provides additional features in its Standard Edition, available for $5 USD per month.

This article contains free PGSharp activation keys, license codes, and serial numbers to enjoy Pokemon Go anywhere.

Is PGSharp free?

PGSharp is free, but it has a paid version called Standard Edition.

The free version comes with teleport/joystick, auto walk, favorites, and more.

The Standard Edition version contains all of the features that a free version has.

In addition, it allows for 2 phones, quick catch, animation skips, and non-shiny blocks.

How to get PGSharp Standard Edition for free

1. Survey Junkie

By joining Survey Junkie, you use your cash rewards to subscribe to the PGSharp standard edition.

Survey Junkie is a trusted survey site with over 40,000 positive reviews (4.3 stars).

To start earning rewards, create a free account on Survey Junkie, and verify your email.

Instantly receive rewards by completing surveys and sharing your views.

2. Swagbucks

With Swagbucks, you can earn free gift cards and cash for things you do online.

You can earn points by shopping online, playing video games, answering surveys, and more.

Redeem your points for gift cards like PayPal cash to buy products and services.

You can use the money that you’ve earned to subscribe to the PGSharp standard edition.

3. LifePoints

LifePoints is an online survey platform that rewards you for doing surveys.

There are no requirements and anyone can sign up for an account.

Get survey invitations via email and complete them to get LifePoints.

These points can be exchanged for PayPal cash to subscribe to the PGSharp standard edition.

PGSharp Activation Keys

Free PGSharp Activation Keys:

  • 3C040A08-0864-42B1-B83B-182923C12B90
  • 50C34597-AA73-44B9-8A77-06CF3A4C076C
  • A94B526D-67E2-48C3-B169-B81734B19B73
  • 427F3DE9-5B10-465F-B904-33CB2FD18355
  • 9F3A6B4C-2D1E-7C8F-5A6B-3E9D7C4A1B6F
  • 6A4B7C8D-9E1F-2D3E-4C5A-7B8C9D1E2F3A
  • 1E2F3A4B-5C6D-7B8E-9A1F-2C3D4E5F6A7B
  • 4C5A6B7D-8E9F-1A2B-3C4D-5E6F7A8B9C1D
  • 7B8C9D1E-2F3A-4E5B-6A7C-8D9E1F2A3B4C
  • 2D3E4F5A-6B7C-8D9E-1A2F-3C4D5E6F7A8B
  • 5E6F7A8B-9C1D-2E3A-4F5B-6A7C8D9E1F2B
  • 8A9B1C2D-3E4F-5A6B-7C8D-9E1F2A3B4C5D
  • 3C4D5E6F-7A8B-9C1E-2F3A-4E5B6A7C8D9E
  • 6B7C8D9E-1F2A-3E4B-5A6C-7D8E9F1A2B3C
  • 1A2B3C4D-5E6F-7A8B-9C1D-2E3F4A5B6C7D
  • 4E5F6A7B-8C9D-1E2A-3F4B-5A6B7C8D9E1F
  • 7C8D9E1F-2A3B-4E5C-6A7D-8B9C1E2F3A4B
  • 2E3F4A5B-6C7D-8E9A-1F2B-3E4F5A6B7C8D
  • 5A6B7C8D-9E1F-2A3B-4C5D-6E7F8A9B1C2E
  • 8D9E1F2A-3B4C-5E6D-7A8E-9B1C2F3A4E5B
  • 3F4A5B6C-7D8E-9A1F-2B3C-4E5F6A7B8C9D
  • 6C7D8E9A-1F2B-3A4C-5E6D-7A8B9C1E2F3A
  • 1B2C3D4E-5F6A-7B8C-9D1E-2A3B4C5D6E7F
  • 4A5B6C7D-8E9A-1F2B-3D4C-5E6F7A8B9C1D
  • 7D8E9A1B-2C3D-4E5F-6A7B-8C9D1E2F3A4B
  • 2A3B4C5D-6E7F-8A9B-1C2D-3E4F5A6B7C8D

The list above includes a limited number of PGSharp Activation keycodes.

Because the codes are limited, you must activate them before others do.

If a code does not work, it means that someone has already activated it.

If so, you can try to activate a different code from the list above.

The list will be updated frequently with more free PGSharp Activation Keys.

You can bookmark the page by clicking the star icon on Chrome and revisit it later.

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