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Pineapple on Pizza Walkthrough and Achievements

The game “Pineapple on Pizza” is a fun and short adventure where players get to explore an island filled with dancing individuals.

The objective is to ruin the party, but players may end up finding themselves unexpectedly enjoying the experience.

With an approximate gameplay time of 10 minutes, players will encounter cool music, dark humor, and unexpected emotions.

The game also features a volcano that players can jump into if they want to take a break from exploring.

It’s recommended to play the game without spoilers for a more surprising and satisfying experience.

This article contains a Pineapple on Pizza walkthrough guide on Steam and how to get all 16 achievements.

Pineapple on pizza walkthrough and achievements

Here is the Pineapple on Pizza walkthrough and achievements:

  1. Start the game (Play – Play ).
  2. Go right from the start along the beach until you see the statue (Statue – Approach the statue).
  3. Continue your way along the beach, and step into one of the sailboats (Sailboat – Step onto a sailboat).
  4. Approach limbo players to break the stick (Limbo – Ruin the limbo).
  5. Continue your way along the beach and go into the cornfield for another achievement (Plantations – Walk through the corn plantations).
  6. After the cornfield, you will see a man with birds and you’ll have to approach him (Bird friend – Approach the man feeding the birds).
  7. From man feeding the birds go further to find the skilled dancer (Skilled dancer – Approach the skilled dancer).
  8. Approach the turtle not far away from the skilled dancer (Turtle – Approach the turtle).
  9. Continue your way along the beach where you’ll see the village. Approach the kids inside the hut (Kids playing – Approach the kids playing).
  10. Step into the circle in the same village (Circle – Step inside the circle).
  11. After the village on one of the stones, you will find the baby (Baby – Approach the baby).
  12. From the baby’s location, go straight to the beach to find a bench (Bench – Approach the bench).
  13. Find any way to the volcano and climb the cliff, then jump from it (Cliff – Approach the cliff / Jump – Jump from the cliff).
  14. Climb the volcano and jump into it to cause an eruption to get another achievement (The floor is lava – Activate the volcano).
  15. Return to the boats while the volcano is erupting. Step on any of them and wait for escape (Escape – Get out of the island).


  1. Easy Target on Steam

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