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Pokemon Infinite Fusion Puzzle Solutions

Pokemon Infinite Fusion allows players to fuse any two Pokemon together to create a new and unique Pokemon.

With 176,400 possible combinations, players can get creative and build their own custom teams.

The game includes all Pokemon from generations 1 and 2 and 101 Pokemon from generations 3 to 7.

It offers various features like battling Gym Leaders, exploring different regions, and finding Legendary Pokemon.

The 5.0 update brings new elements, including Triple Battles, Gen 7 moves, battle mechanics, and more.

This article contains the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Puzzle solutions for Surge, Porygon, Sewer, Well, Ice, Mansion, and more.

Celadon Sewers puzzle

Walk here when the sewers are drainedThe plank falls down
Flood the sewers and cross over the plankSame idea here

Silph Co.

Find this teleport pad on Floor 6Use it, then warp back to floor 6
Go right and get the Card KeyGo on Floor 3 and open this door
Walk on this teleporterTalk to Lance
Rescue at least 3 Silph workersGo back to Lance and walk on the green warp panel

Lake of Rage

There are several possible starting points to this puzzle. This is a possible solution.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion ice puzzle

Mahogany Gym

You have to slide both yourself and the pokeball into the trainers to position yourself correctly to score a goal.

Yellow = you slide.

Red = push the pokeball.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Mahogany Gym Puzzle

Water Labyrinth

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Water Puzzle

Dragon’s Den

The whirlpools position is random and they push you back 1 square if you touch them.

After you obtain the city’s badge, the whirlpools will never appear under you.

This means that you only have to wait for a path to appear in front of you without touching any of the whirlpools.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Dragon's Den Puzzle

Deep Ocean (Kyogre)

You need to get the sapphire to unlock Kyogre’s cave.

Yellow arrows: path to Kyogre.

Blue arrows: path to Sapphire.

Red arrows: other paths.

Ruby Chamber (Groudon)

You need to get the ruby to unlock Groudon cave.

Creepy House puzzle

Solve the puzzle inside this house on route 15 to obtain Mimikyu. 

Enter between midnight and 3AM for the basement to open up.

Go down the basement and start with the room on the left and interact with the piano until the you hear the sound of a Pokémon fleeing.

Check each of the rooms until you find an old doll.

A doll can appear in either the classroom, the library, the bathroom or near the entrance.

It will not appear the first time you enter a room, so you might need to leave the room and then come back.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Creepy House Puzzle

Interact with the doll and go back to the piano room.

Repeat until you’ve found the doll in each of the rooms.

Go back to the piano room and interact with it once more.

You will briefly see Mimikyu appear in the corner of the screen.

Go back to the entrance and you will find Mimikyu. 

Interact with it to fight it.

This encounter can be redone as many times as you like by leaving and re-entering the house.


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