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Revolut Sui Quiz Answers

Revolut lets you track and simplify your finances with tools to pay, spend, and invest.

Join 35+ million customers, and pay with physical cards, virtual cards, or single-use virtual cards.

Spend money overseas with great exchange rates and access 55+ K in-network ATMs.

Track your spending in one place by linking your external bank accounts to Revolut.

Access courses on the platform and take quizzes to earn rewards like crypto.

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In this guide, you’ll learn the Revolut Sui quiz answers for the crypto learn feature to earn $0.80 in SUI for free.

Revolut Sui Quiz Answers

Lesson 1: Intro to Sui

Question: What key features does Sui provide for blockchain users?

Answer: All of the above.

Question: Which smart contract programming language does Sui use?

Answer: Move.

Question: What’s the relationship between Sui and the Move programming language?

Answer: Answers 1 and 3.

Lesson 2: Sui architecture

Question: Which of these statements are true? Compatibility on Sui…

Answer: All of the above.

Question: What makes ownership on Sui different from other blockchains?

Answer: It’s directly associated with the owner.

Question: How does Move on Sui create safer apps?

Answer: All of the above.

Lesson 3: Sui’s user experience

Question: What is not part of Sui’s vision for better user experience (UX)?

Answer: Limiting user abilities.

Question: What are two of the main barriers for users on the blockchain?

Answer: Wallets and gas fees.

Question: Why does Sui provide tools for developers?

Answer: All of the above.

Lesson 4: SUI and the Sui ecosystem

Question: What is the SUI token not used for?

Answer: Proof-of-work.

Question: What types of apps does Sui support?

Answer: All app types.

Question: In what sectors can Sui be used to build new products and services?

Answer: All of the above.

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