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Ruin A-01 Hard Chests in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has multiple missions/quests that you need to complete for rewards.

It also has side quests, stories, cutscenes, bosses, and more.

The rewards you can get are in-game currencies.

An activity that you need to complete is to find the 6 Ruin A-01 hard chests in ToF.

Obtaining the chests will give you rewards like weapon battery II.

To find them, you need to navigate through the cave.

However, you might not know how to locate them.

In this guide, you’ll learn the 6 Ruin A-01 hard chest locations in Tower of Fantasy.

1. Chest 1

Ruin A-01 hard chest 1 in Tower of Fantasy

Open your relics and equip the Missile Barrage relic.

The first chest is located next to the flaming barrel.

Fire the missile barrage to the cracked wall to reveal the first Ruins A-01 hard chest.

2. Chest 2

Ruin A-01 chest 2 in Tower of Fantasy

Continue forward and slay the Hyena thugs and elites.

Lift the explosive barrel and throw it into the cracked wall to reveal the second chest.

3. Chest 3

Ruin A-01 chest 3 in Tower of Fantasy

Walk in front of the second chest and eliminate the Hyena thugs and elites on the grass.

On the grass, you’ll see a couple of explosive barrels and a cracked wall in front of them.

Lift the explosive barrel and throw it into the cracked wall to reveal the third chest.

4. Chest 4

Ruin A-01 chest 4 in Tower of Fantasy

In the same area (grass), you’ll see a tall statue.

Lift the other explosive barrel near the third chest and throw it into the tall statue to reveal the forth chest.

5. Chest 5

Ruin A-01 chest 5 in Tower of Fantasy

On the left of the tall statue (near the forth chest), you’ll see a cracked wall.

Fire the missile barrage relic to the cracked wall to reveal the fifth chest.

6. Chest 6

Ruin A-01 hard chest 6 in Tower of Fantasy

Now, you need to head back to find the final chest.

Firstly, climb up the stairs next to the fifth chest.

Walk forward and go past the second chest.

Turn left and climb up the wall (you’ll see 2 explosive barrels).

Walk forward until you reach the area with another 2 explosive barrels.

If you look up to your right, you’ll see a cracked wall.

You cannot use an explosive barrel to demolish the wall because it’s too high up.

Instead, use your gun and fire the explosive barrels in front of the cracked wall to demolish it.

Climb up the wall and activate the final Ruins A-01 hard chest.

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