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RuneScape Money Making Guide

Money-making is one of the most important things to do in RuneScape.

Certain skills like prayer, fire making, and smithing require you to buy items to level up faster.

For example, if you want to go from level 1 to 99 prayer, you need to buy hundreds of millions worth of bones.

Hence, if you don’t have money for items, you won’t be able to level up your skills fast.

This guide contains 10 of the best money-making methods in RuneScape 3 that you can use for low to mid-levels and for members/non-members.

The methods in this list are updated as of early 2022.

For credibility purposes—I’ve played RuneScape for close to 15 years now (so I know what I’m writing about).

Here are the 10 best money-making methods in RuneScape:

  1. Buying feathers
  2. Killing Lesser Demons
  3. Killing Aberrant Spectres
  4. Tanning hides
  5. Killing Skeletal Wyverns
  6. Killing Pyrefiends
  7. Barrows
  8. Killing Frost Dragons
  9. Killing Abyssal Demons
  10. Flipping items

1. Buying feathers

Buying feathers used to be extremely profitable back in 2016 to 2018.

However, the price of a feather has decreased from 50 GP (2016) to 17 GP (2022).

That said, buying feathers is still a great money-making method for beginners because it has almost no requirements.

The process involves buying feathers from various stores across RuneScape.

Each NPC sells a feather for 6 to 7.5 GP each, and you can sell them in the GE for a decent profit.

Requirements: None (although certain quests are required to access some locations)

Hourly profit: 500,000

Location: Lumbridge, Port Sarim, Al Kharid, Draynor Manor, Fishing Guild, Fremenik Province, Etceteria, Miscellania, Oo’glog. Menaphos, and Shili Village

Members: Yes and no

2. Killing Lesser Demons

Runescape Lesser Demons location

As of early 2022, the price of accursed ashes has skyrocketed from 100 GP to over 5,000 GP.

On the other hand, the price of magic notepaper has decreased from 1,500 GP to less than 400 GP.

As a result, killing demons like Lesser Demons has become extremely profitable.

This method requires you to buy magic notepaper in the GE and use it on the accursed ashes.

This will convert the accursed ashes in your inventory into notes.

If you have level 25 Dungeoneering, you’ll be able to access the Karamja Volcano resource dungeon, which contains 14 lesser demons and 11 imps.

Requirements: None

Hourly profit: 1,000,000

Location: Karamja Volcano Dungeon

Members: No

3. Killing Aberrant Spectres

Runescape Aberrant Spectres location

Requiring a Slayer level of 60 to kill, Aberrant Spectres drop a ton of expensive herbs.

The herbs that they drop are noted, which means that the ROI is infinite.

In addition, Aberrant Spectres are aggressive, so you’ll be able to go AFK.

They are located in the Morytania Slayer Tower in Canifis.

Requirements: Level 60 Slayer

Hourly profit: 1,000,000

Location: Morytania Slayer Tower

Members: Yes

4. Tanning hides

Tanning hides is the best money-making method for F2P (free to play) players.

The method involves buying cowhide, blue dragonhide, or green dragonhide.

After you’ve bought the hides, navigate to the “Portable Skilling” world if you’re a member or world 3 if you’re a non-member.

Teleport to Lumbridge, go to the Lumbridge Market, and you should see a portable crafter (deployed by other players) close to a bank chest.

If you can’t find a portable crafter, you need to buy one from the GE and deploy it.

Collect all of the hides from the bank, right-click the crafter, and select “Tan Leather”.

Repeat the process until you’ve tanned all of the leather and sell them in the GE.

Requirements: None

Hourly profit: 4,000,000

Location: None

Members: No

5. Killing Skeletal Wyverns

Runescape Skeleton Wyvern location

Skeletal Wyverns require level 72 Slayer to kill, which makes this a mid to high-level method.

They are located in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon below Port Sarim.

Skeletal Wyverns have a special Dragonfire attack that cannot be protected with antifires.

You can only mitigate the damage by equipping a Dragonfire shield or an elemental shield.

They drop Wyvern bones which are worth about 20,000 GP each.

It’s recommended that you bring magic notepaper to stack the bones.

Requirements: Level 72 Slayer

Hourly profit: 6,000,000

Location: Asgarnian Ice Dungeon

Members: Yes

6. Killing Pyrefiends

Runescape Pyrefiends location

Pyrefiends drop impious ashes which are worth about 3,000 GP each.

Similar to accursed ashes, the price of impious ashes has skyrocketed in price.

This method requires you to buy magic notepaper in the GE so that you can convert the accursed ashes into notes.

Pyrefiends are located in the Fremennik Dungeon and they are weak to magic.

Requirements: Level 30 Slayer

Hourly profit: 4,500,000

Location: Fremennik Dungeon

Members: Yes

7. Barrows

Runescape Barrows

Barrows is a members-only area-based combat minigame.

Here is how to play the minigame:

  1. Dig all of the 6 graves and kill each of the brothers inside them.
  2. If you find a grave that leads to a hidden tunnel, ignore it, and kill the other 5 brothers first.
  3. After you’ve killed all of the 5 brothers, go back to the grave that leads to a hidden tunnel.
  4. Navigate to the center of the maze.
  5. Complete the puzzle on the door that leads to the center of the maze.
  6. Kill the final brother, loot the chest, find your way out of the maze, and escape it.

Requirements: None (Level 110 combat recommended)

Hourly profit: 7,000,000

Location: Below Castle Drakan

Members: Yes

8. Killing Frost Dragons

Runescape Frost Dragons location

Killing Frost Dragons is one of the oldest but most effective P2P (pay to play) money-making method in RuneScape.

They are located in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon, which requires level 85 Dungeoneering to enter.

The price of frost dragon bones has skyrocketed over the years (currently at 28,000 GP each), which makes killing Frost Dragons highly profitable.

Having a full inventory of bones is worth nearly 800,000 GP.

Before you start the method, you need to buy magic notepaper from the GE so that you can convert the bones into notes.

Requirements: Level 85 Dungeoneering

Hourly profit: 9,000,000

Location: Asgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon

Members: Yes

9. Killing Abyssal Demons

Runescape Abyssal Demons location

Killing Abyssal Demons require level 85 Slayer, so this is a mid to high-level method.

If you don’t have level 85 Slayer, it’s recommended that you kill Pyrefiends or Aberrant Spectres instead.

Abyssal Demons are located in the Morytania Slayer Tower (similar to the location of Aberrant Spectres).

This method has a high ROI because Abyssal Demons drop noted pure essence, magic logs, and fire orbs.

They also drop large plated rune salvages, which can be converted into notes using the magic notepaper.

Requirements: Level 85 Slayer

Hourly profit: 2,200,000

Location: Morytania Slayer Tower

Members: Yes

10. Flipping items

Flipping items is arguably the best money-making method in all of RuneScape.

This is because the profit is unlimited and you just have to spend a few minutes per day playing RuneScape.

The idea is to buy items for a low price and sell them for a higher price.

For example, you can buy 50,000 rune arrows for 146 GP each and sell them for 151 GP each.

This will give you a profit of 250,000 GP.

Some great items to flip are logs, arrows, and ores.

You can try experimenting with different items to flip on the GE and stick with a few.

Requirements: None

Hourly profit: Varies

Location: Grand Exchange

Members: No


Keep in mind that the RuneScape money-making methods in this guide may involve some risk.

This includes the loss of money/items, unstable prices, or slow GE resale.

GE prices are constantly changing as well, so you need to check the prices of certain items before you follow any method.

For example, accursed ashes used to cost 100 GP back in 2018.

As of early 2022, the price of accursed ashes has skyrocketed to over 5,000 GP.

This makes killing demons (e.g. Lesser Demons, Greater Demons) far more profitable with magic notepaper.

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