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Sad Hamster Meme

On TikTok, you might have seen a slideshow containing a sad-looking hamster.

The hamster is typically cropped and added to a background with a relatable caption.

Here’s an example of a caption, “You lost us the game!” followed by “Me who is trying my best”.

The slideshow also includes sad violin music that was originally from Spongebob.

This article contains the crying sad hamster meme with the violin music on TikTok, where it came from, the original video, and templates.

Where did the sad hamster meme come from?

The sad hamster meme comes from a Reddit post by u/menny91 on r/funny in 2014.

The post, titled “My friend’s hamster looks like a cartoon” shows a picture of a sad-looking hamster.

Since its upload, the post got over 6k upvotes and more than 200 comments.

Purportedly, after a YouTuber named the hamster “Hampter”, it became a meme on social media.

In 2024, the sad hamster meme went viral—this time, with a picture of another sad-looking hamster.

Sad hamster meme

The sad hamster meme is originally just a picture of a sad-looking hamster with a relatable caption.

Here’s the caption, “This is me if you even care”.

The meme later evolved into a slideshow that depicts a sad scenario.

For example, the first picture in the slideshow can be captioned “You lost us the game!”.

The second picture (with the sad hamster) in the slideshow can be captioned “Me trying my best”.

Typically, the meme is paired with sad violin music in the background.

The sad violin music comes from the Spongebob episode, “Squilliam Returns”.

In the episode, Mr. Krabs can be seen playing the world’s smallest violin.

The song that’s being played is a sped-up version of “Woe is Me!” that was composed by Richard Myhill.

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