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Who is SCP-096? Origin, Powers, Photos

The SCP Foundation is a fictional secretive group that is documented by the SCP Wiki, a collaborative writing project.

This organization is responsible for confining, catching, and examining different paranormal and supernatural phenomena, which are called “anomalies” or “SCPs”, that cannot be explained by science.

They also hide the existence of these anomalies from the general public.

The SCP Wiki operates in a similar way to Wikipedia and contains elements from various genres, including horror, science fiction, and urban fantasy.

Most of the works found on the SCP Wiki consist of SCP files, which are confidential scientific reports detailing different SCPs and their associated containment protocols.

In addition, the website features “Foundation Tales,” short stories that take place in the SCP universe and feature different characters and settings.

The SCP universe has served as inspiration for many fan-made adaptations across different media formats, such as books, comics, video games, and live-action and animated short films.

In this article, you’ll learn who is SCP-096, its biography, powers, abilities, personality, and more, from the SCP Foundation and games.

Who is SCP-096?

One of the most famous characters in the SCP Foundation world is SCP-096, commonly known as the Shy Guy.

This Euclid-class humanoid is held captive by the Foundation and has the ability to detect if anyone looks at its face.

It will then relentlessly hunt down that person, bellowing until it finally murders them in a gruesome manner.

This entity is considered one of the most prominent and well-known SCPs.


SCP-096 was discovered by the Department of Abnormalities and contained in a facility in Stuttgart, Germany, which was later designated as SCP-6720.

The personnel there had established containment procedures for the creature.

However, due to an unknown incident, SCP-096 killed most of the personnel and escaped.

The SCP Foundation first encountered SCP-096 in its “natural habitat” near a mountain in an unknown location.

Retrieval team Zulu-9 A was dispatched to capture the creature. Upon landing their helicopter near it, SCP-096 turned towards the team, causing all members to see its face except for the captain who had turned to talk to a doctor.

This caused the creature to cry heavily before violently attacking the team.

Despite using all of their weapons, the team was unable to harm SCP-096, and it killed almost all of them except for the captain.

The backup team, Zulu-9 B, then arrived and the surviving captain warned them not to look at the creature’s face.

They managed to contain SCP-096 by putting a bag over its head and transporting it to a Foundation site.


The physical appearance of SCP-096 consists of a gaunt, naked, and pale-skinned humanoid with an emaciated frame.

It is anorexic and has minimal muscle mass, with arms that are disproportionately long, measuring 1.5 meters (similar to Slenderman).

SCP-096 lacks any hair on its body and has eyes with no pigmentation, potentially indicating blindness.

Despite this, its other facial features are human-like, except for its jaw, which is four times larger than an average person’s.

SCP-096 appears to have little to no cognitive functions, with no evidence of any higher brain activity beyond locating and pursuing its targets.


SCP-096 does not have much of a personality, as it typically sits in a fetal position and appears to cry to itself.

When its face is looked at by someone, its crying becomes more intense before it begins its pursuit of the individual in a violent manner.

When SCP-5731, a music box that speaks the thoughts of nearby non-sapient organic creatures in a female voice, was placed near SCP-096 in its passive state, it repeated the phrases “so sad” and “ugly, ugly”, which align with its typical behavior.

However, when SCP-096 was in its enraged state, SCP-5731 began reciting difficult equations related to aerodynamics and physics, indicating that SCP-096 possesses a high level of intelligence and the ability to think critically despite lacking sapience.

When the Foundation utilized SCP-978 to take a photo of SCP-096, the resulting picture depicted the containment cell without SCP-096 present.

This implies that SCP-096 may not want to exist or be visible, at least in its current state.

Powers and abilities

SCP-096 is an incredibly powerful and terrifying monster in the SCP Foundation universe, possessing a vast array of abilities that make it a formidable adversary.

Its most notable ability is the power to track down anyone who has looked at its face, relentlessly pursuing and attacking them until they are dead.

This ability, coupled with SCP-096’s superhuman speed, means that few can escape once they have seen its face.

SCP-096 also possesses unlimited strength, stamina, and endurance, allowing it to continue its pursuit without rest.

Its superhuman senses allow it to detect and locate its prey from great distances, making it nearly impossible to evade.

SCP-096 is incredibly durable, with unbreakable bones and the ability to regenerate from even the most severe injuries.

In addition to these powers, it also possesses reactive adaptation, allowing it to learn and adapt to different situations and become even more effective at hunting down its prey.

SCP-096 is biologically immortal and has complete pain immunity, allowing it to continue fighting even in the face of the most severe injuries.

It can also enter a berserk mode, further increasing its already impressive speed and strength. It also has extrasensory perception, allowing it to detect danger and potential threats before they occur.

SCP-096 can also grant itself a temporary speed boost and has a high resistance to various forms of damage.

Lastly, its self-sustaining, able to survive without food or water indefinitely.

Overall, SCP-096 is a powerful and terrifying monster with a vast array of abilities that make it nearly invincible.

Those who cross paths with this creature are unlikely to escape alive.

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