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Springtime Culinary Cats’ Contest Quiz Answers in Animal Restaurant

“Animal Restaurant” is a heartwarming management simulation game.

Start with a stray cat in the forest and build your own restaurant around it.

Learn various recipes, from taiyaki to pizza, and decorate your restaurant.

Hire cute feline staff and interact with customers while listening to their stories.

Dive into a cozy restaurant experience where you can create your own story.

This guide contains all of the Culinary Cats’ Contest Quiz Answers in Animal Restaurant including quiz 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Springtime Culinary Cats’ Contest Quiz Answers in Animal Restaurant

Quiz 1

Question: What does Gumi need in order to make Flower Pastries?

Answer: Shortening, flour, adzuki bean paste, egg yolk

Question: Where can Gumi get shortening from?

Answer: Market

Question: When making the water dough, in what order should the ingredients be mixed?

Answer: Wet ingredients then dry ingredients

Question: –

Answer: –

Question: Eggy wants to eat pink Flower Pastries. The color is determined by the shortening dough. How should color be added to the shortening dough?

Answer: Strawberry juice

Quiz 2

Question: How should the prepared shortening dough be stored?

Answer: Cover with cling wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator

Question: How should the rested water and shortening dough be shaped?

Answer: Circles

Question: A good tool is a must when it comes to rolling out the water dough! Which of the following tools should Gumi use?

Answer: Rolling pin from the kitchen

Question: The water dough has been rolled out in circles! What should Gumi do next?

Answer: Wrap the water dough around the shortening dough

Question: –

Answer: Combine, roll, fold

Quiz 3

Question: How long should it be allowed to rest after rolling out and folding?

Answer: 15 minutes

Question: How many times should be dough rolled out and folded?

Answer: 2 times

Question: What should be used to press down on the dough that has been folded and loosened the second time?

Answer: Gumi’s finger

Question: Eggy wants to eat sweet Flower Pastries. Which filling should Gumi choose?

Answer: Adzuki bean paste

Question: How many cuts are needed to make a four-leaf clover shaped Flower Pastry?

Answer: 8 cuts

Quiz 4

Question: Which of the following should be used to bake Flower Pastries?

Answer: Oven

Question: How long should the Flower Pastries be baked?

Answer: 20 minutes

Question: Gumi wants to decorate the Flower Pastries. What should he choose?

Answer: Freshly picked tree branches and flowers

Question: The Flower Pastries are ready. What should Gumi do when Eggy walks into the kitchen?

Answer: Share the Flower Pastries with Eggy

Question: Choose a day to share the Flower Pastries with everyone!

Answer: A rest day when everyone is around

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