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How to Do “Sprouting Seedlings” in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has multiple missions/quests that you can do for rewards.

It also has side quests, cutscenes, stories, and more.

Some quests may seem easy, but they are deceptively difficult.

For example, you might be stuck trying to solve a puzzle.

However, the solution to the puzzle is obvious.

In other cases, some puzzles or tasks are difficult to solve because there are little to no hints at all.

A quest in the game is “Sprouting Seedlings”.

However, you might not know how to complete it.

This is because you might not be given any hints or directions.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to do the “Sprouting Seedlings” quest in Genshin Impact.

How to do “Sprouting Seedlings” in Genshin Impact

Sprouting Seedlings Genshin Impact

How to do “Sprouting Seedlings” in Genshin Impact

  1. Proceed to the quest market to the entrance of the cave (in Vanarana, Sumeru).
  2. Once you’re at the entrance of the cave, turn right and go inside it.
  3. Talk to Aranakula to complete the quest.

Note: If you don’t see Aranakula and Arakara inside the cave, you need to play “The Rhythm of the Great Dream” in front of the Silapna.

“It’s Aranakula! Made it back to Vanarana, and… with an unknown Aranara!”.

“Nara Varrenazm, and Paimon! The Varuna Contraption has been healed. Aranakula can now focus on the nursery”.

“This is Arakara, Aranakula and Arakara tend to the nursery together”.

“This is the nursery that Aranakula always talks about”.

“Yes, the soil here was originally suitable for growing things, and can grow happy Viparyas”.

“Are there unhappy Viparyas?”.

“They are not unhappy, just not as happy”.

“It’s like having soil that’s suitable for growth, and there is no lack of rain and sunlight and no obstacles to growth… There seems nothing to be unhappy about, but also not anything to be very happy about”.

“Hm… Feels plain and ordinary. Eh? So is this place different from the other places?”.

“The soil in Vanarana, all very good, but here is particularly good. And more importantly…”.

“Arakara and Aranakula will look after them”.

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