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How to “Step over hydraulic lift” in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has multiple missions/quests that you need to complete for rewards.

It also has side quests, stories, cutscenes, bosses, and more.

The rewards you can get are in-game currencies.

A mission in the game requires you to continue searching for Astrum.

While you’re searching for Astrum, you need to step over the hydraulic lift.

However, stepping over the hydraulic lift is difficult because you can’t jump over it.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to continue searching for Astrum and “Step over hydraulic lift” in Tower of Fantasy.

How to “Step over hydraulic lift” in Tower of Fantasy

How to “Step over hydraulic lift” in Tower of Fantasy

  1. Lift the laser projector.
  2. Go to the moving platform.
  3. Stand on the left of the moving platform and face forward.
  4. Click on the small barrel icon to drop the laser projector on the platform as soon as it moves.
  5. Jump on top of the hydraulic lift.
  6. Wait for the next hydraulic lift to elevate and jump on top of it.
  7. Keep jumping on top of the lift until you reach the top.

A lot of players are stuck because they don’t know how to drop the laser projector.

You cannot throw it because it will not land properly.

To drop the laser projector, you need to click on the small barrel icon.

The icon is very small, so it’s easy to miss it.

Once you’ve reached the top of the hydraulic lift, talk to Kolador.

Kolador: “Alas, you made it to here”.

You: “What’s going on, Mr. Kolador?”.

Kolador: “I”m sorry, but I can’t hand you the Astrum. Theo’s transformation is almost complete, and I need the energy from it”.

You: “Come to your senses! This will only hurt Theo along with everyone else!”.

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