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How to Do “The Rhythm that Leads to the Gloomy Path” in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has multiple missions/quests that you can do for rewards.

It also has side quests, cutscenes, stories, and more.

Some quests may seem easy, but they are deceptively difficult.

For example, you might be stuck trying to solve a puzzle.

However, the solution to the puzzle is obvious.

In other cases, some puzzles or tasks are difficult to solve because there are little to no hints at all.

A quest in the game is “The Rhythm that Leads to the Gloomy Path”.

However, you might not know how to complete the quest.

This is because you might not be given any hints or directions.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to do the “The Rhythm that Leads to the Gloomy Path” quest in Genshin Impact.

How to do “The Rhythm that Leads to the Gloomy Path” in Genshin Impact

  1. Starting the quest
  2. Observing the Sumeru Roses
  3. Unlocking the road
  4. Cleaning up the Withering Zone
  5. Exploring the Dream of the Vasara Tree

Part 1: Starting the quest

  • Go to Vanarana and talk to Arakavi to unlock 3 Rhythm quests (they are needed to advance the Aranyaka: Part II Dream Nursery quest).

Part 2: Observing the Sumeru Roses

Observing the Sumeru Roses
  1. Investigate the symbols on the ground next to Arayasa.
  2. Go to the area with the Sumeru Roses and align yourself to the right side.
  3. Adjust your position until all of the roses light up.
  4. Switch to the “Vintage Lyre” and play “Mi, Re, Mi, Re, La”.

Part 3: Unlocking the road

The Rhythm that Leads to the Gloomy Path
  1. Go to the north of Ganha Hill.
  2. Go to the pond south of the Electro Regisvine.
  3. Play the “Rhythm of the Gloomy Path” with the gadget.
  4. Enter the Phantasmal Gate.

Part 4: Cleaning up the Withering Zone

Cleaning up the Withering Zone
  1. Use the Four-Leaf Sigils to get on top.
  2. Defeat all of the enemies in the area.
  3. Summon the Dendrograna.
  4. Attack all of the Withering Branches using a Dendrograna with a Changed Attack/Aimed Shots.
  5. Defeat the large Fungi.
  6. Destroy the Tumor of the Withering.

Part 5: Exploring the Dream of the Vasara Tree

The Dream of the Vasara Tree
  1. Defeat the enemies to unlock the 1st Primeval Rosins.
  2. Go to the Phantasmal Gate and play the Vintage Lyre.
  3. Pick up a Dendrograna and use a bow to shoot the three floating rings to get the 2nd Primeval Rosins.
  4. Head back inside the area behind the second Primeval Rosins.
  5. Use the Vintage Lyre to open up the portal (on the right).
  6. Make a bridge with the blue flower.
  7. Destroy the wall to obtain the 3rd Primeval Rosin.
  8. Use the Four-Leaf Sigil from a blue flower to get to the top.
  9. Select “Activate” to open the door using the three Primeval Rosins.
  10. Defeat all of the enemies in the area.

Lastly, exit the domain and obtain the floating green energy to complete the quest!

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