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This is Me if You Even Care Meme

“This is me if you even care” is a meme that went viral on social media platforms like TikTok and X.

The meme is commonly used along with cute animal pictures of dogs, cats, ducks, and more.

TikTok users will comment “This is me if you even care” under videos that express how they are feeling right now.

Another closely related meme is the Coquette meme where pet owners will put ribbons on their pets.

In this article, you’ll learn what the “This is me btw if you even care” meme means on TikTok (explained), template, cat, and more.

This is Me if You Even Care meaning

This is me if you even care is an exploitable phrasal meme that is typically used to express how you’re feeling or how you look right now.

This is based on the content of a video, photo, gallery, or slideshow.

For example, you can use the “This is me if you even care” caption on a video of a sad-looking kitten—expressing that you look and feel like the kitten right now.

The origin of the meme is when couples argue and the girl gets mad or sad afterward.

This is Me if You Even Care meme

This is Me if You Even Care is a popular relationship/couple meme on TikTok.

TikTok users will post videos of sad-looking animals with the caption “This is me if you even care”.

The meme shows what happens to the original poster when her partner makes her sad.

The video got over 3 million views with many users tagging their partners in the comment section.

Another use of the meme includes videos of TikTok users and their pets with ribbons on their ears.

The meme is known as the coquette meme, which is part of the coquette aesthetic.

The aesthetic utilizes cute, romantic, and beautiful things like pink ribbons.

User @bellahennessy3 posted a video of her dog wearing ribbons on her ears which got over 16 million views.

Users in the comment section were spamming “This is me if you even care” comments because of how cute and innocent the dog looked.

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