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Tower of Fantasy Release Date, Trailer, and Leaks

Tower of Fantasy released their pre-registration and over half a million people have already signed up.

If you sign up, you’ll get rewards like gold, gold nucleus, food, and more.

The game is published by Perfect World, a Chinese mass media company.

It published games like Final Fantasy Type-0 Online and Swordsman Online.

In this article, you’ll learn the Tower of Fantasy release date, trailer, leaks, and more.

What will Tower of Fantasy be about?

Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world, sci-fi, RPG game by Perfect World.

The dwindling resources and a lack of energy on earth have forced humans to leave earth and migrate to Aida.

Aida is a lush and habitable alien world that has the comet called “Mara” and powerful energy called “Omnium”.

Humans built the Omnium Tower to capture “Mara”, but Omnium radiation began spreading which lead to a disaster.

The game allows you to explore a vast alien world with beautiful structures.

You can play unique characters with powerful weapons, each with its own gameplay style.

You can also team up with your friends online, engage in battles, and interact with the world.

Tower of Fantasy release date

Tower of Fantasy release date

The Tower of Fantasy global release date is in Q3 (quarter 3) of 2022.

The App Store says that the game will be released on August 11, 2022.

Here’s an official Discord message for Tower of Fantasy, “‘Please note that as much as Apple Store suggests August 11th and the emoji posted on Twitter suggests July 17th, those are not the official dates”.

That said, the actual release date for the game is full of speculation.

Quarter 3 is either in July, August, or September.

The game was first released in China on December 16, 2021.

Tower of Fantasy trailer

Planet Aida is a new world that is devastated by the Omnium Cataclysm many years ago.

People now struggle to restore hope, freedom, and order.

What will be your choice at the crossroads of destiny?

Tower of Fantasy is now available for pre-registration worldwide.

Tower of Fantasy leaks

Mike Fringe posted a 21-minute beta test of Tower of Fantasy (ENG).

The gameplay leaked various animations, structures, and controls in the game.

A user named “Mora-x” commented that you can pet animals in the game, unlike other games.

A user by the name of “Charlie” mentioned that Genshin Impact is an old-school classic game, while Tower of Fantasy is pure sci-fi.

However, both games are quite similar to each other based on the characters, animations, and graphics.

To learn more about the game, you can follow Tower of Fantasy on their respective social media channels:

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