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How to Get the Unicorn Power Core in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has multiple mounts that you can unlock.

This includes the Chaser Mount, Voyager Mount, Monocross Unicorn Mount, and more.

These mounts allow you to get across the map faster and in style.

An activity that you can do is to get the Unicorn Power Core.

The Unicorn Power Core is one of four parts needed to create the Monocross Unicorn Mount.

It is one of the rarest mounts in the game due to the low drop rate of the unicorn head.

Creating the mount is difficult because you need to get 3 other parts too.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get the Unicorn Power Core in Tower of Fantasy.

  1. Step 1: Cook a Fiddlehead pie
  2. Step 2: Get the strange residue
  3. Step 3: Go to Dr. Stoke
  4. Step 4: Obtain the Unicorn Power Core

Step 1: Cook a Fiddlehead pie

  1. Get brown rice (all around Raincaller Island).
  2. Get fiddlehead ( in Banges Tech and Banges Factories).
  3. Add 9x brown rice and 6x Fiddlehead to a cooker to make Fiddlehead pie.

If you fail to cook a Fiddlehead pie, keep trying until you get it.

To achieve a 100% success rate, you need 15/15 ingredients.

Step 2: Get the strange residue

  1. Go to Miner’s Camp (near 361.1, 298.9).
  2. Get the strange residue on the ground next to a force field.

The strange residue can be found at the corner of the force field on the ground.

Step 3: Go to Dr. Stoker

Goldrush Mountain
  1. Navigate to the east of Goldrush Mountain (Area 4 near 458.8, 494.3).
  2. Go into the entrance at the side of the mountain.
  3. Talk to Dr. Stoker > select “Hand over the residue”.
  4. Talk to Dr. Stoker again > give him the Fiddlehead pie > get the Ore Extract.

Step 4: Obtain the Unicorn Power Core

Unicorn Power Core
  1. Return to Miner’s Camp (same as step 2, near 361.1, 298.9).
  2. Left* Energy Conversion Device = Gear 3.
  3. Middle* Energy Conversion Device = Gear 1.
  4. Right* Energy Conversion Device = Gear 2.

*Facing away from the strange rocks (not towards them).

A cutscene will be played after you’ve selected the right gears.

The cutscene will display laser beams destroying the rocks.

Collect the ore chunk from the rocks to get a Unicorn Power Core.

You’ll also get crown exploration points, gold, exp, dark crystal, and gold nucleus.

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