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Velma Combos in MultiVersus

Velma is classed as a horizontal support character.

She is a versatile character at ranged and up close.

Velma excels in 2v2 because of her support abilities.

Hence, you shouldn’t play her in the 1v1 game mode.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best Velma combos in MultiVersus, moves with inputs, and a legend for them.

Input guide for Velma

Input legend

  • Neutral Attack: Attack on the ground
  • Side Attack: Side attack on the ground
  • Down Attack: Down attack on the ground
  • Up Attack: Up attack on the ground
  • Up Special: Up Special on the ground

Velma combos in MultiVersus

Velma combos in MultiVersus

Velma combos in MultiVersus

  • Side Attack, Side Attack, Up Attack
  • Air Down + Attack, Air Up + Special, Jump Cancel, Air Up + Attack
  • Air Down + Attack, Jump Cancel, Air Dodge Up, Air Up + Attack

Velma moves in MultiVersus

Velma moves in MultiVersus

Velma basic attacks

  • Supportive Words – Neutral + Attack
  • Quip Master/Light ‘Em Up – Side + Attack
  • Bright Idea/Bright Air-Idea – Up + Attack
  • Calculated Victory/My Glasses! – Down + Attack

Velma special attacks

  • Motivational Speaker – Neutral + Special
  • Fast Thinker/Hit The Books – Side + Special
  • Toxic Concoction/Shutterbug – Up + Special
  • Spread The Knowledge – Down + Special

Velma passive abilities

  • SNOOPIN’ – During the match, EVIDENCE will appear, and some of Velma’s moves will spawn EVIDENCE. Velma and her ally can pick up EVIDENCE to increase her EVIDENCE METER. When the meter is full, Velma can call a POLICE CAR. The POLICE CAR will drive to and pick up the closest enemy, DISABLE them, and attempt to drive them off the map. Enemies must STRUGGLE to escape the POLICE CAR. The other enemy teammate can attack the car to try and free their teammate.

Velma’s Side Attacks have three hits to them just as most of the roster’s grounded Side Attacks.

The second Side Attack can be canceled into an Up Attack.

Her Air Side Attack has a large hitbox that can destroy your opponents.

Getting the hand of doing Side Air as close to the ground as possible is a great technique to hit your opponents.

Velma’s go-to killing blow move is her Up Attack as it will send them off the stage with ease.

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