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Wenomechainsama Meme, Lyrics, and Dog

Wenomechainsama, Wenimechaindasuma, or When I Met You In The Summer, went viral on Instagram and TikTok in 2021 and 2022.

If you’ve browsed TikTok at that time, you’ve probably come across the meme (illustration by icons8).

It showcases a dog with speech bubbles singing the lyrics to “When I Met You In The Summer” by Calvin Harris.

However, the lyrics are terribly misspelled—which is used to mock people who don’t know the song’s original lyrics.

This article contains the Wenomechainsama meme, what it means, its lyrics (copypasta), and the dog.

Wenomechainsama meme

Wenomechainsama is a meme of a dog singing “When I Met You In The Summer” by Calvin Harris.

However, the lyrics are purposefully misspelled for mockery.

The meme was initially sung by a guinea pig (in 2021) and not a dog.

A TikToker, @leo_zeta, posted a video of a guinea pig illustration singing the song.

The woman in the video said, “Me pregunto que me dirias si pudieras hablar” in Spanish.

This translates to “I wonder what you would tell me if you could talk” in English.

The template of the meme was heavily reused on TikTok in 2022.

Instead of a guinea pig, other animals were used like a dog, Caracal, baby, and more.

What does Wenomechainsama mean?

Wenomechainsama means “When I Met You In The Summer“.

The original song is by Calvin Harris, a Scottish DJ, record producer, singer, and songwriter.

Wenomechainsama is a meme that contains misspelled lyrics of the song.

In every meme, there is a character singing the song that is expressed by speech bubbles.

The character is usually a low-quality image (144p/240p) of a guinea pig or dog.

The category of the meme is “Misheard Lyrics” or “Phonetic Translations”.

They are typically slideshows or animations of song transcriptions.

Wenomechainsama lyrics

Wenomechainsama lyrics/copypasta









wenomechainsama (sama,sama,sama,sama)

wenomechainsama (Sama)

Tumajarbisaun (Ye, ye)

Wifenlooof (Looof)

Eselifterbraun (Ye, ye)


Aslonskysrblu (Ye, ye)


Buchyulaidsosun (Ye, ye)

wenomechainsama (sama,sama,sama,sama)


wenomechainsama (Sama)

(Ye, ye)


(Ye, ye)

Sama (Sama)

(Ye, ye)


(Ye, ye)

Wenomechainsama dog

Wenomechainsama dog

The breed of the Wenomechainsama dog is a Jack Russell Terrier.

A Russell Terrier is friendly, lively, and curious who are used for fox hunts.

In the Wenomechainsama meme, the photo of the dog is usually of low quality.

Dogs are not the only living thing that appears in the meme.

A guinea pig, Caracal, and baby are frequently used in the meme.

A Caracal is a medium-sized wild cat that lives in Africa.

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