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What Does Andrew Tate Do for a Living?

Andrew Tate has taken over the internet with his personal opinions on masculinity, money, and women.

He usually flaunts his wealth on various podcasts—calling himself a trillionaire in one.

Whether you love him or hate him—his work ethic is formidable.

Despite owning several supercars and flying in private jets, Andrew used to be poor.

Throughout the years, he has been gradually building up his audience by appearing in multiple podcasts.

In this article, you’ll learn what Andrew Tate does for a living and his current occupation.

What does Andrew Tate do for a living?

Andrew Tate promotes and sells his course, Hustler’s University for a living.

He is an internet personality, entrepreneur, and former kickboxer.

The course has over 100,000 members and costs $49.99 per month to join.

This means that he’s earning over $5 million per month from his course’s sales alone (before expenses).

His first long-term career was kickboxing—where he became a world champion at 23 years old.

In a podcast, Andrew mentioned that kickboxing is a “terrible” career because it doesn’t pay well.

Kickboxing is also not sustainable because it just takes one bad injury to ruin your career.

After kickboxing, he was “broke” and was looking for ways to make money from the internet.

He stumbled upon a webcam business and called his girlfriends to move in and work with him and his brother, Tristan.

At its peak, the business was making about $600k per month and he had 75 women working for them.

Andrew and his brother used their webcam earnings to invest in cryptocurrency where they made a huge profit.

He also ran a casino business sometime after he was commentating for RXF MMA in Romania.

In a Your Mom’s House podcast, he hinted that it was doing more than $200k per month in revenue.

Currently, Andrew’s biggest source of income is from Hustler’s University subscriptions.

These subscriptions were mainly driven by fan pages of him that promoted his course on various social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

These fan pages typically include an affiliate link to subscribe to his course in their bios.

Other than Hustler’s University, he sells other courses on his website like “Master Chess” and “Body Language”.

Andrew Tate’s occupation

Andrew Tate kickboxing

Andrew Tate is an internet personality, entrepreneur, and former kickboxer.

He won 6 kickboxing titles including the ISKA English Full-Contact Cruiserweight Champion and the IKF British Cruiserweight Champion.

In multiple podcasts, Andrew claims that he’s competent in all “realms”.

He proved this by making multiple music videos with no prior experience.

All of the music videos that he released got over 100k views.

When he was a child, he used to play chess competitively and became the Indiana State Chess Champion at 5 years old.

Currently, Andrew focuses on spreading his online presence and promoting his course, Hustler’s University by appearing in various podcasts.

His appearance in multiple podcasts allowed affiliate marketers to take clips of him saying outrageous things and post them on social media to gain quick views.

He also runs two YouTube channels—TateSpeech (over 60 million total views) and Tate Confidential.

Tate Confidential used to have a lot of vlogging videos with Andrew and his brother, Tristan.

However, they recently set all of the videos to private due to an unknown reason.

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