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What Does Iglooing Mean?

Internet slang refers to a variety of unique ways of communication that have emerged on the internet.

This includes sub-languages, expressions, spelling variations, and idioms.

These linguistic forms have mostly originated from online interactions and have gained popularity over time.

They can be referred to by different names such as chatspeak, SMS-speak, or IM language.

In essence, they are specialized forms of language that have developed on the internet.

Urban Dictionary is the biggest website that educates people on internet slang.

However, a lot of definitions are satire, NSFW, and extremely absurd.

Iglooing is internet slang that is so absurd—it’s crazy to know that someone came up with it.

In this article, you’ll learn what Iglooing means (its definition) on TikTok, who came up with it, its origin, and more.

What Does Iglooing Mean?

Iglooing is NSFW internet slang that was first seen on Urban Dictionary.

Because this is a PG article, in emojis, the slang means 💩 + 🍆 + 🧊.

An anonymous user posted the definition on Urban Dictionary on February 28, 2003.

The definition got over 300 likes and 190 dislikes.

Other definitions were also posted, but they all roughly have the same meaning.

In 2023, user @tegan.n.jarrie posted a TikTok video of the slang.

“Am I the only one who didn’t know something called Iglooing exists?”.

The video got over 1.1 million views and 9k likes.

The comment section is filled with people saying that they regret Googling the slang.

“No, but I was far happier before I knew about it”.

“And no, you’re not. And now I’m scarred for life”.

“No, you’re not. I just found out and wish to erase it from my mind”.

Urban Dictionary is filled with absurd definitions—and Iglooing is just one of many.

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