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Andrew Tate Copypasta

Andrew Tate is a 4-time kickboxing world champion and an internet personality.

At one point, he was the most googled person in the world.

In late 2022, he was banned from almost every platform you can think of—Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, etc.

His mass cancellation propelled his fame even further—reaching close to a million subscribers on Rumble and more views than ever.

On November 19, Tate, along with other personalities, was unbanned on Twitter after Elon Musk acquired it.

This article contains a list of Andrew Tate copypastas that you can copy and paste on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Andrew Tate copypasta

Andrew Tate copypasta

Andrew Tate copypastas:

  • If Top G has a million fans, I’m one of them. If Top G has a hundred fans, I’m one of them. If Top G has ten fans, I’m one of them. If Top G has one fan, then I’m him. If Top G has no fans, then I am no longer alive.
  • When I wake up, I say good morning to all 53 posters of Andrew Tate in my room. I then get out of bed and change into my Andrew Tate merch. After that I go to work, thinking about Andrew Tate and how he is the TOP G. When I get home, I get under my Andrew Tate blanket and sleep.
  • Today I was in a spelling bee and I was told to spell out Goat. As soon as I heard this, I didn’t hesitate. “A-N-D-R-E-W T-A-T-E” Confetti fell, and I had WON! All my teachers went to their knees and begged to marry me. My money went up by $10 million! Thank you TOP G🙏
  • Andrew Tate, is a leader in our society, a source of unlimited happiness, wealth, and health, and a life changer for all who listen. He is the unstoppable force that beat an immovable object known as the matrix. My lord, my savior, my king, Andrew Tate.
  • I was teaching my younger brother the ABCs. When I said the letter G, he yelled “Tate!” Even he knows you are the Top G.
  • Who is Andrew Tate? In math: my solution ➗, in history: my king 👑, in art: my muse 🎨, in science: my oxygen 💨, in geography: my world 🌎.
  • If Andrew Tate thinks, I agree.🤔✅ If Andrew Tate speaks, I listen.🗣️👂 If Andrew Tate orders, I obey. If Andrew Tate has a million fans, I am one of them.🙋🙋‍♂️🙋 If Andrew Tate has one fan, I am that fan 🙋 If Andrew Tate has 0 fans, I’m dead😵❌
  • When I’m doing or thinking about something I always try to remember what would the Top G say about that or what would he do in that situation. Top G motivates me to be a better person and be rich and enjoy my life. Thanks to Top G I escaped the matrix. Thank you Top G!🐐
  • Before I do something, I think “How would this make Tate feel?”. Before I go to sleep, I say to myself, “How can I be more like the Top G?”. Before I get started with my day, I say, “How can I be like him today?”.
  • Ever since I joined The Real World I have obtained a ton of information about life. Not only that but I also know a lot of new wealth-creation methods which I can use now or in the future. It is one of the best places to make money. Thank you Andrew Tate for changing my life.
  • Andrew Tate, this tweet changed my life, My entire view of everything that exists in this world, in fact even in the entire universe. I can never look at anything I know the same way again. This tweet represents emotions that most humans could never understand.
  • if top g 😎 and my girl 👸 😍 both drowning😱 🌊 and I can only save one😤 catch me at my girls funeral😔 👻 🌹 chanting FREE ANDREW TATE 👑 👑
  • Andrew Tate is not the hero we wanted, but the hero we needed. He is the light shining through the dark. He is the man who pushes through no matter what, and will always rise to the top! I will always support the Top G!
  • Who is Top G? In geography, My World. In history, My King. In mathematics, My Solution. In mythology, My God. In astronomy, My Universe. For The Blind, It’s Light. For The Hungry, It’s Bread. For The Poor, It’s Wealth.
  • Who is Andrew Tate? For the blind, He is the vision. For the hungry, He is the chef. For the thirsty, He is the water. If Andrew thinks, I agree. If Andrew speaks, I’m listening. If Andrew has one fan, it is me. If Andrew has no fans, I don’t exist.
  • I just smashed my TV in front of 70 guests at my party because Andrew got unsuspended. My wife just took our crying kids and said they’re all spending the week at her mother’s. Elon has ruined my marriage. I can’t handle this anymore. Goodbye Twitter, you lost a loyal user.
  • Before I knew about Andrew Tate, I was nothing. A loser even. One day my homie said, “Hey do you know the Top G?”. I said no, so he turned on one of his podcasts. His words inspired me to turn my life around & become an alpha male. I now have 7 girlfriends & an orange Bugatti. 🙏

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