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What is the Axel in Harlem Video?

Axel in Harlem recently went viral on social media platforms.

On Twitter, users are posting animations by Animan Studios.

On TikTok, users are posting parody videos of their animations.

If you don’t know what Animan Studios does, they make 18+ animations.

The animations that they make went viral because of their explicit and humorous nature.

In this article, you’ll learn what is the Axel in Harlem video, some memes of it, and where to find the video.

What is Axel in Harlem?

Axel in Harlem is an animation made by Animan Studios.

In the animation, a black man named “Axel” is known to attract men “like a magnet” due to his large bottom.

Axel is strutting down the sidewalk while other men was staring at him intently.

Animan Studios is a company that creates adult animations of gay characters.

It was founded by Mr. Animan, an anonymous and mysterious artist.

In 2011, he was interviewed in the Seattle Gay Scene but declined to give his real name.

That said, Mr. Animan is born in the United States but lives outside of it.

Animan creates animations of men with oversized bottoms—which is humorous to people.

The animations are not for children due to their explicit nature.

He shares the animations on his website, Mr. Animan Studios, and other social media platforms.

On Twitter, @AnimanStudios has over 120k followers, but it’s shadowbanned due to the nature of its content.

Axel in Harlem became a meme on social media.

In addition, an animation of a cowboy is trending.

The animations usually use the song “La Cumbia de Free Fire” by Bukano.

The song, “Ballin” by DJ Mustard and Roddy Rich is also often included.

These songs were used on TikTok videos of memes and parodies of the animations made by Animan Studios.

On other social media platforms like Twitter, fan art surged in poplarity.

Most fan art showcased Axel’s bottom while men or other characters are staring at it.

Axel in Harlem meme

Axel in Harlem became a meme after it was shared on various social media platforms.

On TikTok, users posted parodies and memes of the animation.

In particular, an animation of a cowboy riding a horse went viral.

The animation is about a cowboy going inside a bar and into a room.

A group of other cowboys with oversized bottoms peeked inside the room.

The video got more than 1.9 million views on TikTok and over 170k likes.

A sped-up version of the song, “Ballin” by DJ Mustard and Roddy Rich is used in the video.

The meme, “Axel in Harlem” is trending, which is an animation from Animan Studios.

The animation is about a black man named Axel who attracts men “like a magnet”.

In the video, Axel has an oversized bottom and other men were staring at him.

The animation was created in 2016 but it only went viral in 2023.

Parodies and memes of the animation were posted on social media platforms.

On TikTok, family-friendly and censored versions of the animation were posted.

In a nutshell, Axel in Harlem became a meme because of the humorous nature of gay men with large bottoms.

Axel in Harlem fan art

Axel in Harlem’ fan art started getting popular on Twitter.

This includes parodies, memes, and characters from TV shows.

The meme is about three characters staring at a man.

This references the “Axel in Harlem” animation where men stared at Axel.

The most popular fan art on Twitter is made by @ief_Cuadricula.

It got more than 290k views and over 8,600 likes.

Another fan art was made by @shw0zy and got more than 50k views and over 280 likes.

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