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Best Controller Settings for Overwatch 2

Are you playing Overwatch 2 on a console like PS4, PS5, or Xbox?

If so, you need to best controller settings to improve your gameplay.

This includes improving your aim and movement.

Overwatch 2 was released in 2022 and instantly became one of the most popular games.

Since its release, many console users have had trouble with aiming properly.

Playing the game on a console is harder because a controller is more demanding than a keyboard and a mouse.

In this guide, you’ll learn the best controller settings for Overwatch 2 for PC and console players to improve your gameplay.

Best Controller Settings for Overwatch 2

The best controller settings for Overwatch 2 is a 100% sensitivity, Aim Assist Window Size, Aim Smoothing, and you need to disable vibration.

You should also reduce the camera shake and turn off the HUD shake in your accessibility settings.

By using these settings, your aim will be dramatically better because your sensitivity is high and the motion settings are reduced.

Controller settings

Best Controller Settings for Overwatch 2
  • Horizontal sensitivity: 100%
  • Vertical sensitivity: 100%
  • Aim assist strength: 100%
  • Aim assist window size: 50%
  • Aim assist legacy mode: Off
  • Aim assist ease in: 50%
  • Aim smoothing: 100%
  • Aim ease in: 3%
  • Invert vertical look: Off
  • Invert horizontal look: Off
  • Vibration: Off
  • Swap movement/aim: Off
  • Legacy movement/aim: Off
  • Aim technique: Dual-zone

Turning off vibration will improve your accuracy because your controller will not shake.

If you have it on, it may redirect your shooting, so turning it off is highly recommended.

Accessibility settings

Overwatch accessibility settings
  • Camera shake: Reduced
  • HUD shake: Off
  • Reduce menu movement: Off

Reducing the camera shake and turning off the HUD shake will instantly improve your aim and visibility in the game.

It also mitigates on-screen clutter and eye strain when you’re playing a match.

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