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27 Best Discord Profile Pictures

Your Discord profile picture is a representation of yourself.

Hence, you need to choose a profile picture that relates to you.

Generally, you should start with your character and interests.

For example, having a cat as your Discord profile picture suggests that you are a cat person.

It can also mean that you love animals.

With so many profile picture choices, it can be difficult to choose one.

This article contains the best Discord profile pictures you can use for boys and girls.

If you’re looking for good, cute, or aesthetic Discord profile pictures to use, you’re in the right place.

How do I change my profile picture on Discord?

To change your profile picture on Discord, you need to go to your user settings by clicking on the gear icon.

After you’ve clicked on the gear icon, you’ll land on “My Account” where you can edit your profile.

Click on “Edit Profile” followed by “Change Avatar”.

Lastly, select the picture that you want to use as your Discord profile picture.

Why won’t Discord let me change my profile picture?

Discord won’t let you change your profile picture because you changed it too many times.

If you changed your profile picture too many times, you will be temporarily blocked from changing it.

If you can’t change your profile picture, you need to wait until you’re unblocked.

The block typically lasts for several minutes, so you need to wait it out.

Best Discord profile pictures

1. Yae Miko

Best Discord profile pictures

This is Yae Miko, a character from Genshin Impact.

She has a kind personality and likes reading books and stories.

She has purple eyes, pink hair, and a couple of earrings.

2. Augustinian Emblem

Aesthetic Discord profile pictures

The flaming heart is known as the Augustinian Emblem.

The human heart symbolizes Augustine’s love of God, brothers, and sisters.

The heart is alive and has a desire to experience divine love.

3. Sanrio bunny

Cute Discord profile pictures

Sanrio is the creator of Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, Aggretsuko, Gudetama, and others.

This brown bunny is a character from Sanrio.

The bunny specializes in creating pastries.

4. Sniper Mask

Good Discord profile pictures

Sniper Mask is a character from High-Rise Invasion.

The key aspect of Sniper’s personality is being cool.

Despite his embarrassing moments, he always manages to find ways to look impressive.

5. Pink Anime Girl

Anime girl hugging soft toy rabbit

This is a cute and pink anime girl profile picture.

The girl in the picture is holding a rabbit plushie.

She does not belong to any anime, but she’s frequently used as a profile picture.

6. Kirito

Anime boy with long fringe

Kazuto Kirigaya, also known as Kirito, is a character from Sword Art Online.

He’s not good with words and can be very direct.

In addition, he enjoys teasing and being rude to others.

7. Aesthetic Tom

Aesthetic Tom from Tom and Jerry

If you’re into Tom and Jerry, you might want to use this as your Discord profile picture.

The picture shows Tom grinning.

This is actually a picture from a GIF where Tom is shrugging.

8. Tommy Shelby Smoking

Peaky Blinders Tommy Shelby smoking

Tommy Shelby is a character from Peaky Blinders.

He is the leader of the Birmingham criminal gang.

Before that, he served in World War I as a sergeant major.

9. Dog eating waffle

Dog eating waffle

This picture is self-explanatory.

It contains shows a white dog munching on a waffle.

The background of the picture is a dark purple space.

10. Boots from Dora the Explorer

Boots from Dora the Explorer

If you’re familiar with this monkey, you’ve probably watched Dora the Explorer before.

Boots is an athletic and very energetic monkey who performs acrobatics.

If you match his personality type, feel free to use him as your Discord profile picture.

11. Cat wrapped in a blanket

Purrito cat wrapped in a blanket

What do you call a cat wrapped in a blanket?

Meet the “purrito” cat—a cute internet trend.

If you’re into cats, you can use this as your Discord profile picture.

12. Cartoon cat eating a tomato

Cartoon cat eating a tomato

This is an illustration of a cat eating a tomato.

The illustration showcases a yellow cat eating a tomato.

It has a green background which contrasts the yellow cat.

13. Holding a chick

Holding a chick

This is a cute picture of a person holding a baby chick.

The baby chick is wrapped around the person’s hands.

If you’re into chickens, you can use this as your Discord profile picture.

14. Kung Fu Darwin

Darwin Kung Fu from the Amazing World of Gumball

Darwin is an orange goldfish from the tv show, The Amazing World of Gumball.

He is a very positive, kind, and happy person.

The picture showcases Darwin in a Kung Fu position.

15. Yawning cat

Cat yawning

This picture can either be interpreted as a cat yawning or screaming—you be the judge of it.

Regardless, the original GIF shows the cat yawning.

The GIF is also used as a meme to indicate that something is boring.

16. Petting a duck

Petting a duck

For the duck lovers—here’s someone petting a duck.

The duck looks very happy while it’s being petted.

What a wholesome picture with a lovable animal.

17. Aesthetic room

Aesthetic room

This is probably one of the most aesthetic rooms you’ll ever see.

The room has a minimalistic design with a white bed and a lamp.

Unquestionably, the best part about the picture is the purple sky.

18. Aesthetic Snoopy

Snoopy aesthetic

Here’s an aesthetic picture of Snoopy wearing a “Joe Cool” shirt.

Joe Cool is Snoopy’s name as a college student.

To pretend that he’s a college student, Snoopy puts on a pair of sunglasses.

19. Anime girl covering her face

Anime girl covering her face

This is a picture of an anime girl covering her face with paper.

The paper contains two dots and a curved line representing a smiley face.

If you’re shy, reserved, and not the talkative type, this is the perfect Discord profile picture for you.

20. Blue rose

Blue rose

Roses are usually a symbol of love and romance.

A blue rose, on the other hand, symbolizes mystery and success.

It also can mean unreachable or unattainable love.

21. Aesthetic Tom

Aesthetic Tom from Tom and Jerry

This list wouldn’t be complete without Tom.

Tom is a character in the Tom and Jerry show.

His intelligence has increased over the years.

22. Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh in bed covering himself with a blanket

Winnie the Pooh first appeared in Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, a Disney short in 1966.

Pooh is known for his love of honey and his innocent demeanor.

The picture shows Pooh being scared and tucked in his blanket.

23. Aesthetic Kuromi

Kuromi Hello Kitty aesthetic

Kuromi is a goth character from Hello Kitty.

Although Kuromi looks tough and scary, she is actually very feminine.

The picture showcases Kuromi in her soft side.

24. Sky with orange clouds

Blue sky with orange clouds

The essence of a beautiful sense lies in the cloud layer.

As the sun sets, the orange and red colors are reflected in the clouds.

Hence, a blue sky with orange clouds.

25. Angry Anais

Angry Anais from Gumball

Anais is one of the main characters of the Amazing World of Gumball.

She is the most intelligent character in the Gumball family.

Her intelligence and maturity are shown in a ton of episodes.

26. Baby Yoda

Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda, is the character from The Mandalorian.

It is also one of the profile pictures that you can select on Disney Plus.

If you’re a fan of Baby Yoda, you can use him as your Discord profile picture.

27. Aesthetic cartoon cat

Aesthetic cartoon black cat on the roof

Lastly, here’s a picture of an aesthetic cartoon cat.

The black cat is seen stretching on the roof of a house.

The background shows a blue night sky with a crescent moon.


Did you manage to find a good, cool, or aesthetic picture that you like?

If you did, feel free to use it as your profile picture on Discord.

Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order.

Each picture is meticulously selected from a pool of pictures to ensure that only the best ones are featured in this article.

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