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Best Perks for Reindog in MultiVersus

The world of Zanifeer was one of the first to fall victim to the Nothing during the great dimensional cataclysm.

As far as most people knew, there was only one survivor.

Reindog is a Royal Guardian, a long-lived protector of the Zanifeer royal family in charge of keeping them safe.

Despite looking fluffy and sweet, he has a heart of a warrior that beats in his chest and will do anything it takes to protect those he loves.

His gem has incredible powers and he hopes that it can help him to find a way to bring back his family.

This guide contains the best perks for Reindog in MultiVersus and the unlockable perks you can obtain per level.

Best perks for Reindog in MultiVersus

Best Reindog perks in MultiVersus

Best perks for Reindog in MultiVersus

  • Signature perk: Fire Fluff – Reindog’s fireball create a larger fireball upon hitting the ground.
  • Perk 1: The Purest of Motivations – Your team deals 15% increased damage for 10 seconds after an ally is rung out.
  • Perk 2: Last Stand – Your team deals 10% increased damage after reaching 100 damage.
  • Perk 3: Make It Rain, Dog! – Your team receives 20% increased projectile speed.

Unlockable perks for Reindog in MultiVersus

Unlockable perks for Reindog in MultiVersus
Default: DefaultPerk: Make It Rain, Dog!Toasts: x5Perk: Fancy FootworkGold: x100
Perk: Equip Ally PerksPerk: Hit ‘Em While They’re DownSignature Perk: Crystal PalPerk: Perk TrainingSignature Perk: Fire Fluff
Perk: Static ElectricityPerk: Tasmanian TrigonometryPerk: Retaliation-ReadyProfile Icon: Reindog Profile IconBadge: Reindog Wins

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