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Blox Fruits Discord Server

Blox Fruits is a Roblox adventure game where you can become a master swordsman.

You can choose to fight against tough opponents or have powerful boss battles.

While sailing across the ocean, you can find hidden secrets.

The game has more than 200,000 active players and over 5 billion visitors.

You can follow Blox Fruits on Twitter for codes and important announcements: https://twitter.com/BloxFruits.

Blox Fruits Discord server link

Blox Fruits

The official Discord server link for Blox Fruits is https://discord.com/invite/bloxfruits.

After you’ve joined the server, you need to verify yourself.

You can do so by entering “/verify” in the #verification channel and visiting the link that the bot posts.

Alternatively, you can visit https://blox.link/verify/.

By verifying yourself, you’ll be able to have full access to the server.

If the Discord server link above does not work, search for “Blox Fruits” on Roblox and click on the Discord icon.

Blox Fruits Discord server rules

  1. No spamming. This includes begging, copypastas, and text walls.
  2. No inappropriate content. This includes NSFW material of any kind, excessive profanity, racial slurs, flashing images, and gifs that crash discord clients.
  3. No advertising. This includes DM’ing random people on the server with advertisements/invites to other servers.
  4. No doxxing. Do not reveal other people’s real-life info/photos without permission.
  5. No selling, trading, or buying accounts. This will get you and the account banned. Be smart – don’t give anyone your password, even if they say “It’s ok I’m just gonna farm on your account for you”.
  6. Do not ping owners. Pinging admins and mods are allowed, but have a legitimate reason and do not ping all of them.
  7. Do not fight, debate, harass, or start drama with other users. Keep it in DMs.
  8. Do not bait members into breaking the rules.
  9. Speak only the language that is designated for each channel. Use #chat-roles to find your preferred language. #general is for English speakers.
  10. When DM’ing mods/admins for help, make your message exactly what you need help with. Don’t send a message saying “hi” and expect a response.
  11. No Begging. You will be punished on sight for repetitively begging now, there is far too much spam associated with begging. Begging is asking for free stuff in any chat, it is now considered spam. THIS RULE DOES NOT EXCLUDE YOUR NICKNAME AND USERNAME.
  12. It’s against the rules to trade anything any sort of currency (yes, including Robux) as it breaks ROBLOX’s terms of service. We do not condone it and you will be banned for it. Trading in-game items for in-game items (Fruits for Fruits) is allowed, however, if you get scammed do NOT contact staff, we won’t reimburse you or punish the scammer. Trade at your own risk.
  13. No trading outside of trade channels. Those who trade outside of those channels will be muted.

What is the game link for Blox Fruits?

The game link for Blox Fruits is https://www.roblox.com/games/2753915549/.

You need a Roblox account to play Blox Fruits.

If you don’t have a Roblox account, you can create one here: https://www.roblox.com/.

After you’ve created an account, you can either search for “Blox Fruits” in Experiences or visit the link above to play the game.

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