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What Does Bop Mean on TikTok?

If you’ve been on TikTok recently, you might have seen a “Bop” comment under a video.

Here are some comment examples, “X is the biggest bop” and “She a bop”.

These comments are prevalent under videos of girls dancing on TikTok.

But what does the slang mean and why do users spam it in the comments?

In this guide, you’ll learn the meaning of Bop on TikTok or social media, the slang for girls, meme, in chat, or in songs.

Bop meme

On TikTok, “Bop” is a popular comment under videos of women dancing or dresses scantily.

There’s also an official song for the slang called “The Bop Anthem” by ProdByOsaka.

In 2022, the slang term “Lala Bop” went viral after the song titled “Lalabop” was released.

In 2024, the term has been shortened to just “Bop”, but the meaning of it remains the same.

What Does Bop Mean on TikTok?


cant wait to see the comments

♬ Bop Anthem – prodbyosaka

Bop was originally a verb used to describe a good song or dancing to music.

After its popularization in 2024, Bop is now used to describe a promiscuous woman (also known as a hoe).

Promiscuity can be defined as a woman who has multiple s*xual partners, dresses scantily, and/or lacks morals.

In 2022, there used to be a Lalabop trend where users call out TikTok creators of being bops.

In 2023, parodies of videos where fictional and iconic characters are being called out for being bops.

Bop has also been referenced multiple times throughout the years in hip-hop music by artists like DaBaby, Big Boogie, and CJ.

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