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Buckingham Palace Police Roblox Quiz Answers

Buckingham Palace is a Roblox game by VoluteGames based in Westminster, London.

Rules include no exploiting, no abusing game bugs, no farming points, and more.

You can become either a civilian, royal guard, metropolitan police, prime minister, or king/queen.

To become a royal guard or a metropolitan police, you need to pass a quiz.

In this guide, you’ll learn the Buckingham Palace Police quiz answers in Roblox (Metropolitan/Response Police).

Buckingham Palace Police Roblox Quiz Answers

Question: What does FPN stand for?

Answer: Fixed Penalty Notice.

Question: When can armed officers open fire on a person?

Answer: If they present an immediate threat to life.

Question: What number should people dial in an emergency?

Answer: 999.

Question: What does an amber (orange) traffic light mean on its own?

Answer: Prepare to go.

Question: What is the name of London’s police?

Answer: Metropolitan Police Service.

Question: What should you do if you see someone breaking the game rules?

Answer: Gather evidence and contact a moderator.

Question: What is the offence “grevious bodily harm”?

Answer: When someone seriously injures another.

Question: True or false: The Metropolitan Police can arrest anyone they want.

Answer: False.

Question: What should you do if someone is trying to cross a zebra crossing?

Answer: Stop and let them cross.

Question: Which sign means “no entry”?

Answer: A.

Question: What does a red traffic light mean?

Answer: Stop and wait behind the line.

Question: What side of the road should you drive on?

Answer: Left.

Question: What is the proper name for an armed police officer?

Answer: Authorised Firearms Officer.

Question: What is the offence “dangerous driving”?

Answer: When someone drives in a manner which is extremely dangerous.

Question: What is the offence “illegal trespassing”?

Answer: When someone trespasses in a royal palace or police station.

Question: When are police officers exempt from all of the laws?

Answer: Never.

Question: Correct the grammar and punctuation: “How 2 be king”.

Answer: How do I become the King?

Question: When can a constable enter Buckingham Palace?

Answer: If they are needed inside, with permission from the Royal Guard.

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