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Brainrot Quiz Roblox Answers

The Roblox Brainrot quiz challenges you with 7 modes of increasing difficulty.

The game requires you to guess the name of each Brainrot meme from their picture.

When you complete a mode, you’ll earn coins that you can use to buy gear.

It’s suitable for all ages, supports up to 20 players per server, and has over 1 million visits.

In this guide, you’ll learn all of the BRAINROT Quiz! Roblox answers from OG, Easy, Medium, Hard, Nightmare, Infinity, and Freaky.

Roblox Brainrot Quiz Answers


  1. Shrek
  2. Troll
  3. Doge
  4. Nyan Cat
  5. Jeffy
  6. Illuminati
  7. 21
  8. Snoop Dogg
  9. Major League Gaming
  10. Dat boi
  11. Annoying orange
  12. Raining tacos
  13. Scope
  14. Harambe
  15. Rick roll


  1. Skibidi
  2. Ohio
  3. Sigma
  4. Grimace shake
  5. Speed
  6. Mew
  7. Caseoh
  8. Josh Hutcherson
  9. Kai Cenat
  10. Mog
  11. Chicken Nugget


  1. Fanum tax
  2. Oi oi oi
  3. Smurf cat
  4. Andrew Tate
  5. Chad
  6. Among Us
  7. Mr Beast
  8. Sigma
  9. Low taper fade
  10. Karma
  11. Glaze


  1. Cap
  2. Quandale Dingle
  3. Yap
  4. Drake
  5. Pomni
  6. Ice Spice
  7. Freddy Fazbear
  8. Minion
  9. Griddy
  10. Duke Dennis
  11. Camera man


  1. Karen
  2. Drip
  3. Baldi
  4. Handsome Squidward
  5. Subway Surfers
  6. Jax
  7. The Rock
  8. Lankybox
  9. Rick
  10. Honeybun
  11. Dababy
  12. Blud
  13. LeBron
  14. Bill Collector
  15. Young Sheldon


  1. Random mix from other levels


  1. Freaky
  2. Dr Disrespect
  3. Drake
  4. Colleen
  5. Freakbob
  6. Edp
  7. Diddy
  8. Michael

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