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Bybit Reward Hub Quiz Answers

Bybit is a crypto spot and futures exchange with robust features.

It has an easy trade option, large trades and positions tracking, and Web3.

It also has asset management, copy trading, and an NFT marketplace.

Sign up for Bybit using this link: partner.bybit.com/b/followchain or use “FOLLOWCHAIN” as the referral code.

Complete the registration process > Menu > Learn > Announcements > Latest Activities > Current Quiz.

In this article, you’ll learn the Bybit Reward Hub quiz answers receive 25 USDT in bonus each from a lucky draw.

Bybit Reward Hub Quiz Answers

Question: What is the purpose of Bybit Rewards Hub?

Answer: To provide a platform for earning and claiming rewards

Question: Which of the following is NOT a type of reward available at Bybit Rewards Hub?

Answer: Direct Cash Transfer

Question: What must Bybit users do to earn a 20 USDT welcome gift?

Answer: Sign up with Bybit

Question: What can the Fiat Bonus at Bybit be used for?

Answer: To offset the actual amount of a transaction order

Question: Which Bonus is applicable to derivatives trading margin?

Answer: Derivatives Bonus

Question: What happens to a Bonus if it is left unused past its expiration date?

Answer: It is considered forfeited

Question: What is a use of the Copy Trading Bonus?

Answer: To cover trading losses

Question: How is the Trading Fee Coupon used at Bybit?

Answer: As a trading fee deduction

Question: Which statement is true about the Buy Crypto Coupon?

Answer: It offsets transaction fees for credit card purchases

Question: What is the specific use of the Fee Discount voucher?

Answer: To enjoy a discount for trading fees

Question: What is unique about airdrops in the context of Bybit rewards?

Answer: They have no expiration date

Question: What must be completed to receive rewards at Bybit?

Answer: Identity Verification Lv. 1 or Business KYC

Question: How soon can rewards be claimed after completing a task at Bybit?

Answer: Three days after completing the task

Question: What happens if you unfollow a Master Trader after using a Copy Trading Bonus?

Answer: You lose the bonus

Question: Which accounts have a specific sequence of using Fee Discount, followed by Bonus, then Coupon?

Answer: Unified Trading Accounts and Unified Margin Accounts

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