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How to Solve Chapter 2 Child Lane in Underground Blossom

Underground Blossom is a point-and-click adventure set in the Rusty Lake Underground.

Explore various metro stations, solve puzzles, and unravel different timelines.

The game provides a gripping story, classic point-and-click puzzles, and an odd atmosphere.

With 7 unique metro stations, players can earn achievements and enjoy an immersive soundtrack.

In this walkthrough guide, you’ll learn how to solve Chapter 2: Child Lane in Underground Blossom (code, poster, and clock).

How to Solve Chapter 2 Child Lane in Underground Blossom

Underground Blossom Chapter 2: Child Lane walkthrough:

  1. Collect the poster laying on the floor.
  2. Use the scraper to scrape off the gum on the panel near Rose and Laura.
  3. Give the gum to Laura, make her blow a bubble, pop the bubble and collect chewed gum.
  4. Use the gum to hold the poster down on the frame.
  5. Follow the text on the poster and click the person’s smile > eyes > bracelet > hair > eyes > smile > box.
  6. Watch the animation and take note of the number.
  7. Click on the other poster, drink > hat > kite > camel > airplane > sun.
  8. Take the key and use it to unlock the phone booth (this will unlock an achievement).
  9. Click on Laura hiding behind Mr. Owl > Newspaper stand > Owl statue.
  10. Collect the window panel, place it in the second window, and switch the panels around to make this tree (expand the first screenshot above).
  11. Get the crank and put it on the newspaper stand and crank it open.
  12. Keep clicking on the photo service sign until someone says something for an achievement.
  13. Give the newspaper to Mr. Owl, rearrange the headlines to make sense, and take the coin from his pocket.
  14. From the phone booth, place the coin inside, and call the number: 53114.
  15. Go to the owl statue and click on its eyes to make them bright.
  16. Wedge the metal rod into the crevice to reveal the code: 8827.
  17. Put the code into the box next to Mr. Owl and collect the camera.
  18. Give the camera to Laura and let her take two pictures of you.
  19. Go around to where Rose is and interact with her, once you back out she will be gone.
  20. Go to the metro area and take the screwdriver and pendant out of her bag.
  21. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the panel where you got the gum and collect the glass pane.
  22. Place the pane onto the first window and complete the picture.
  23. Interact with Laura, who is hiding in the space under the statue, pick up the dropped film and put it in the box where you got the newspaper.
  24. The man will tell you to come back in 20 minutes so change the time on the clock to be 20 minutes in the future.
  25. When you come back there will be developed photos and the time: 4:05.
  26. On the 4 pre-completed glass windows there are different combinations.
  27. Use those combinations to get the code for the ticket (once you put in the pattern the ticket should drop).
  28. Change the time to 4:05 and give the ticket to the conductor (this will unlock another achievement).

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