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How to Do the ChatGPT “Make it more” Image Trend

DALL·E 3 is a text-to-image model that can generate images via text.

The model is available in ChatGPT for Plus and Enterprise subscribers.

Describe your idea and ChatGPT will bring it to life by generating images of it.

You can send a follow-up prompt to make changes or improvements to the image.

An example of a prompt and a follow-up prompt is “Generate an orange cat” and “Make it angry” respectively.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to do the “Make it more” AI image trend using ChatGPT with GPT-4 and DALLE 3.

What is the “Make it more” ChatGPT trend?

The “Make it more” ChatGPT trend uses GPT-4 and DALLE 3 to generate images of an increasing emotion, action, or behavior.

The trend started after OpenAI made DALLE 3 available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users.

Using GPT-4 and DALLE 3, users can request ChatGPT to generate an image from a text prompt.

Here’s an example of the trend, “I asked ChatGPT to generate an image of a product manager working by the pool and continue to make them lazier and lazier”.

And another one, “For every 10 likes this gets, I will ask ChatGPT to make this cat work harder”.

The trend went viral on Twitter (threads) and TikTok (slideshows).

How to do the ChatGPT “Make it more” image trend

To do the ChatGPT “Make it more” image trend, you need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus and use GPT-4 and DALLE 3 to generate an image.

After an image is generated (e.g. an angry cat), you need to keep asking ChatGPT to make it more “x” (e.g. make the cat angrier).

Step 1: Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus

  1. Go to chat.openai.com and log in to your OpenAI account.
  2. Select “Upgrade” on the left sidebar.
  3. Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus (if you haven’t already).

Step 2: Use GPT-4 and DALLE 3 to generate images

  1. Select the “GPT-4” tab.
  2. Select the “DALL·E 3” feature.
  3. Ask ChatGPT to generate an image (e.g. show me a micro manager).

Step 3: Ask ChatGPT to make the image more “x”

  1. Ask ChatGPT to make the image more “x”.
  2. More “x” (e.g. more micro).
  3. Make him more “x” (e.g. make him more x).

Step 4: Keep asking ChatGPT to make the image more “x”

  1. Keep asking ChatGPT to make the image more “x”.
  2. More “x”.
  3. You can go more, make him more “x”.
  4. Let’s go further, I want it to be more “x” than any human can ever be, it should go beyond what’s plausible into the realm of the insane.
  5. It should go beyond and become the most “x” of all time.
  6. It should be more “x” that it can “x” the metaphysical level of the universe.
  7. The “x” should be “x” every atom from the inside.

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