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Content Warning Monsters

Content Warning is a co-op horror game where you record spooky stuff with your friends.

Team up, customize your face, purchase gear, and use the diving bell to go to the Old World.

In the Old World, you’ll encounter scary monsters, cursed relics, and ancient artefacts.

Record as many things as you can before you run out of oxygen, battery, or friends.

Upload your footage to SpookTube, wait for the views to go up, and get ad revenue.

This guide contains a list of all of the creatures and monsters in Content Warning, their abilities, and how to beat them.


Chokeleg is a creature that crawls on all fours, and resembles a humanoid with very outstretched limbs.

It poses no major threat, but is able to grab a teammate and drag them way.

They are common and show up randomly as jumpscares.

The monster can be defeated when you shine a light on it including a flashlight and a camera’s flashlight.


The Whisker is a tall, skinny humanoid with no arms and an automatic whisk for a head.

It’s a common enemy that poses a minor threat because he is easy to avoid.

It will only charge in a straight line and you can easily move out of its way.

You’ll know when it’s nearby if you hear a blender sound with footsteps.


The Slime will run toward players and grab them upon contact.

It doesn’t damage players, but it will drag them to the nearest barnacle or to a dangerous area.

To deal with it, you need to save your stamina and escape by turning or going trough stairways.


Turrets have a face that is similar to the suit of your character, walk on all fours, and have a red light.

If it spots you, its light will hone on you and it’ll charge its attack.

The monster does minor damage but it releases bullets that can easily defeat you.

To avoid them, you need to jump over their heads or hide behind objects and wait for them to pass.


The Bomber is a humanoid creature without legs and bearing large claws.

It hops like a frog and will throw a bomb at you that deals AOE damage if it spots you.

The monster is easy to avoid and it takes a while for it to charge its attack.


The Ghost will randomly appear and continuously chase you.

It makes the sound of a child giggling when its near and dash toward players.

The monster is able to defeat a player in 4 to 5 hits, but it’s easy to avoid but running away.

You can also bait out his dash or wait for it to disappear after 20 to 30 seconds.

Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden will grab players, lock them in a cage, and its a death trap for solo players.

If you’re captured, your teammates need to solve a CAPTCHA.

After solving it, the monster will give you a tablet with a random combination of characters.

You need to type the same combination of characters before the time limit to escape.


The Snail is a low threat monster that moves very slowly.

If you come in contact with it, it will grab onto you and deal consistent damage.

You can easily avoid it by walking past them.


The Spider shoots web balls at a distance and will expand into a large web in contact.

The webs are a serious threat because it’s hard to escape from.

It does 1/4 of your health on bite so you need to avoid it at all costs.


The Centipede is a dangerous monster with a skeletal-like body and a silhouette resembling a person.

If the monster captures you, it will throw you and deal half your health as damage.

If there is a teammate nearby, it will throw you towards them.

The Centipede moves slowly and gradually builds up speed.


Barnacles are protrusions in ceilings with round mouths that a rope hangs.

If you come in contact with the rope, you’ll be dragged up to the ceiling and left there until you are consumed.

Rock Bunny

If you pick up the bunny head, you’ll float in the air.

You’ll ascend until you hit the ceiling and take continuous chip damage.


Hordes are multiples of the same monsters.

Hordes include Snails, Turrets, and Spiders.

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