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Course Hero Downloader

Course Hero has millions of course-specific study resources.

It prepares and supports students on their exams, coursework, and projects.

Students can contribute their own resources or subscribe to access learning materials.

There are practice problems, study guides, textbook solutions, and more.

The Course Hero, Inc., also includes CliffNotes, LitCharts, and QuillBot.

Here is the Course Hero downloader or unlocker that you can use to get answers to your homework, questions, or documents.

Course Hero downloader

To download Course Hero documents or answers, you need to sign up for StudyX.

StudyX allows you to paste a question from Course Hero and find a solution for it.

It’s like getting a Course Hero account for free without having to pay.

New users will get 4 free unlocks and they can spend them on unlocking answers.

However, you can bypass this by creating multiple StudyX/Discord accounts to keep getting 4 free unlocks.

Here’s how to download Course Hero documents:

Step 1: Copy the question from Course Hero

The first step is to copy the question from Course Hero.

To do so, go to coursehero.com and search for the question that you want an answer to.

You don’t need a Course Hero account for this.

Once you’ve found the question, you need to copy it.

To do so, highlight the full question and press “CTRL” + “C” on your keyboard.

Make sure to copy the entire question and not part of it.

Step 2: Create a StudyX account

After you’ve copied the question from Course Hero, you need to create a StudyX account.

Firstly, navigate to the StudyX website and click on “Log in” on the top navigation bar.

After you’ve clicked on “Log in”, you’ll land on the login page.

On the login page, you’ll see a “Log in with Discord” button.

Click on “Log in with Discord” if you already have an existing Discord account.

If you don’t have a Discord account, click on the “Sign up” button on the top navigation bar and create a StudyX account instead.

You can use a temporary email to create a StudyX website if you want to take advantage of the free 4 unlocks.

Step 3: Paste the question from Course Hero on StudyX

Course Hero downloader

After you’ve created a StudyX account, you need to log in to it.

If you’ve selected “Log in with Discord”, you’ll be logged in to StudyX with your Discord account.

Now, you need to paste the question from Course Hero that you’ve copied in the first step into the text field.

The text field is located on the homepage of StudyX.

Here’s an example of a question, “Genesis wants to invest his money in a fast food chain…”.

After you’ve pasted the question, click on “Search” to find answers to it.

Step 4: Unlock the answer using a free unlock

Course Hero unlocker

After you’ve searched for the question, you need to wait for a few seconds.

StudyX will then retrieve the answers that match it.

The top of the search results contains the most similar questions.

You can check the similarity of the question by looking at the similarity percentage.

The higher the percentage, the higher the similarity.

The best percentage is obviously 100%, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get a perfect match each time.

Click on the question that has the highest similarity and click on “Unlock the answer” to unlock the answer for it.

If you’re unable to find a match for your question, you can ask the community for an answer.

However, asking the community for an answer will deduct at least 200 points.

Every new StudyX account will have 4 free unlocks, so you can create new accounts if you want to get more points.

Doing this is just as good as having a free Course Hero downloader/unlocker.


Course Hero is a great way to get textbook and homework answers.

However, many users cannot afford the $39.99 per month subscription.

Hence, you can use the method in this guide to download Course Hero answers for free.

As mentioned in the guide, StudyX is a great alternative to Course Hero.

Having a StudyX account acts as a free Course Hero account because you can get 4 free unlocks.

You can combine this with creating multiple StudyX accounts (using temporary email addresses) to get unlimited points.

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