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Who is the Cringe Chinese Girl on TikTok? Just Turned 18 Interview Girl

The cringe Chinese girl, also known as the Chinese pick me interview girl went viral on TikTok and Douyin.

In most videos, the girl is answering questions from an interviewer.

The most common question that the interviewers ask her is “How old are you?”.

The Chinese girl will give the same answer each time, “刚满十八岁”, which means “I just turned 18 years old”.

Her cute child-like voice evoked mixed emotions from people (mostly negative ones).

You might be wondering who is she, her age, birthday, height, weight, and real name.

In this article, you’ll learn who is the cringe 18 years old Chinese girl on TikTok who went viral from an interview and her real voice.

Who is the cringe Chinese girl?


Interview famous Chinese Tiktoker “Just turned 18🍑” #interview #cosplay #cringe #havu2904

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The cringe Chinese girl is a supposedly 18-years old Chinese girl from Sichuan, China.

She currently has over 300k followers on her Douyin account, 喵喵球 (soramaoqiuo3o).

Douyin is basically the Chinese version of TikTok that is used by people in China.

The girl went viral after appearing in multiple street interviews by various Douyin influencers.

One of the most popular interviews that she was in was uploaded by Xiaobailongx on Douyin.

In the video, the interviewer started the interview by asking the Chinese girl how old she is.

She replied “刚满十八岁” in Chinese, which means “I just turned 18 years old” in English.

The interviewer then asked her if she has a boyfriend and she replied, “I don’t have one because I just turned 18 years old”.

Many users started reposting the cringe Chinese girl Douyin interviews on TikTok and it quickly went viral because it was cringeworthy.

On TikTok, user @havu2904 reposted an interview of the girl and got over 10 million views.

In the interview, she claimed that she was born on November 2005 and she can’t speak normally because her tongue is too flexible.

People on TikTok and Douyin were making fun of the girl for her voice.

Some people called her a “Pick-me girl” while others commented that she is autistic.

But the real question is—does she actually sound like that in real life or is it just an act?

Cringe Chinese girl real voice

Many TikTok users are wondering if the cringe Chinese girl’s voice real or fake in her interviews.

In reality, her voice is fake as she deliberately tries to sound like a little girl in each interview.

In an interview (the video above) uploaded by @peterlee888888 on TikTok, she broke character and started laughing with her real voice.

Although she didn’t speak with her real voice, her laugh is way different than what she normally sounds like in other interviews.

In another interview (uploaded by @havu2904 on TikTok), she started coughing mid-interview because she tried doing an overly-high pitched voice.

This clearly shows that the girl is putting on an act and her real voice doesn’t actually sound like a little girl.

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