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Who is Xiao Xiao (Dobby) on TikTok?

Xiao Xiao on TikTok is a small Chinese girl known for her singing, dancing, and funny outbursts.

She is also known as the Chinese Kick Girl or Dobby (the elf in Harry Potter).

Xiao Xiao went viral on social media because of her small appearance and big personality.

In multiple TikTok videos, she can be seen singing together with two other people—Mei Niang Xin Xin and Wolong.

In this article, you’ll learn who is Xiao Xiao (Dobby) on TikTok, her age, disease/syndrome, height, meme, and more.

Xiao Xiao stats

WordPress Table with Age Calculation
Full name Xiao Xiao (小晓)
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Nationality Chinese
Year of birth 1987
Profession Chinese social media personality

Xiao Xiao disease

Xiao Xiao is purportedly born with Microcephaly, a neurodevelopmental disorder that gave her an unusually small brain and skull.

She also has a small stature (under 130 cm) and intellectual disability.

Social media users are labelling her as the Chinese version of Hasbulla, a Russian social media personality.

She is also known as the Chinese Kick Girl because of a video of her kicking a live streamer, Mei Niang Xin Xin.


Xiao Xiao is famous on the Chinese-owned social media platform, Douyin.

Douyin is also known as the China version of TikTok (although it can be also accessed in other countries).

Xiao Xiao typically appears together with another TikTok influencer, Mei Niang Xin Xin.

Mei Niang Xin Xin (@jiasu147288) is a Chinese man in his forties based in Sichuan, China.

He does cross-dressing and is known for his singing performances on Douyin.

Xiao Xiao went viral after a TikTok user, @chinesejunkfood2023, reposted one of Mei Niang Xin Xin’s video on TikTok.

The 25-second long video features Xiao Xiao singing a Chinese song while Wolong, another girl who suffers the same condition as her is idling in the background (as shown below).

The video got a staggering 100 million views and over 6 million likes.

The second most popular video of Xiao Xiao is a video of her kicking Mei Niang Xin Xin for not giving her the microphone.

In that video, Wolong is standing behind Xiao Xiao while holding her shoulders and swaying side to side.

The video of Xiao Xiao kicking Mei Niang Xin Xin got over 20 million views (as shown below).

It was also reposted by other TikTok accounts—gaining anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of views.

The comment section is filled with people comparing Xiao Xiao and Wolong with each other.

“Wolong is the definition of peace while Xiao Xiao is the opposite”.

The video got so popular on TikTok that people from all over the world started making parodies of it (as shown below).

User @razamos11 made a parody of the famous Xiao Xiao kick video and got over 2 million views.

Other TikTok users used the same sound to make parodies of the same video.

The sound was used in over 3k videos and the song is 长相依 (DJ默涵版).

Another TikTok user who popularized Xiao Xiao is @princessameliawu on TikTok.

In the comment section under her videos, many TikTok users compared her to Xiao Xiao as a joke.

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