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DallE Discord Server Link

DallE/DallE 2 is an AI that can generate images from text descriptions, similar to Midjourney.

It has a lot of capabilities like creating anthropomorphized versions of animals.

It can combine unrelated concepts, render text, and transform existing images.

The Ai is currently invite-only and you have to join the waitlist to use it.

DallE has an unofficial Discord server where you can share your images.

In this guide, you’ll learn the DallE Discord server link and what the server is about.

DallE Discord server link

DallE Discord server

The DallE Discord server link is https://discord.com/invite/F2ZBZYxn.

The server has more than 13,500 members and you can use the AI to generate images from text.

It contains multiple channels like #good-style-prompts, #research-discussion, #prompt-discussion, and more.

The most popular channel is the #general-chat channel.

In the #general-chat, you can discuss anything related to Dall-E, Dall-E 2, or Midjourney.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Dall-E bot on Discord because it doesn’t exist.

Hence, you cannot use the AI on the Discord server.

You can only use the server for sharing images and discussing the AI.

The server has 3 main rules—Be kind and respectful to others, No NSFW content, and keep swearing to the minimum.

If you break one of the rules, you may be banned indefinitely.

What is the DallE Discord server?

Dalle-E Discord

You can request prompts from members that have access to Dall-E 2.

  1. Go to the #prompt-requests channel.
  2. Type “#prompt-requests <your request” (e.g. #prompt-requests Garden in Space).
  3. Go to the #prompt-fulfilled channel and find your prompt.

Other than that, the DallE Discord server is for making friends and talking about artificial intelligence.

The specific artificial intelligence that you can discuss is Dall-E 2.

Do note that the DallE Discord server is not official.

In other words, it’s not owned by OpenAI, the AI research and deployment company.

In addition, you cannot use DallE on the server because it does not have a Discord bot.

That said, the server contains the Midjourney bot that you can use.

There are also multiple discussion channels like #research-discussion and #prompt-discussion.

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