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Escape Simulator Brain Checkup Walkthrough

Brain Checkup is the first escape room in Escape Simulator in Edgewood Mansion.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn the answers for Brain Checkup in Edgewood Mansion in Escape Simulator.

This includes a lock with 4 books, the Safe, the Clock, an IQ Lock, and a Phrenology Head.

  1. Lock with 4 books
  2. The Safe
  3. The Clock
  4. IQ Lock
  5. Phrenology Head

1. Lock with 4 books

Escape Simulator Brain Checkup Lock with Books

Collect the key under the cushion on the couch.

Collect the newspaper on the couch.

Use the key to unlock the first cabinet.

Collect the two brown books.

Collect another brown book on the desk.

Open the right cabinet and collect the final brown book.

The books are numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4.

You open the books in order and count the number of book icons each of them has.

The book that is numbered “1” and the book that is numbered “2” has 4 book icons each.

The book that is numbered “3” and the book that is numbered “4” has 7 book icons each.

Hence, the combination for the lock with 4 books is “4”, “4”, “7”, “7”.

Open the drawer and collect the Rorschach Tests.

Open the first cabinet and collect the other Rorschach Test.

2. The Safe

Escape Simulator Brain Checkup Safe

There should be 3 Rorschach Tests in your inventory.

The Rorschach Tests are numbered 1, 2, and 3.

Now, you need to inspect the tests in order and decipher the number each of them has.

The first Rorschach Test contains a number that looks like 2.

The second Rorschach Test contains a number that looks like 9.

Lastly, the third Rorschach Test contains a number that looks like 5.

Hence, the combination for the Safe is “2”, “9”, “5”.

Collect the note and the locket.

3. The Clock

Escape Simulator Brain Checkup Clock

The newspaper that you’ve collected on the couch states that there are 3 possible Pendulum states.

Navigate to the 3 clocks.

Each clock represents a pendulum state.

The first clock is not moving, the second clock is swaying to the maximum, and the third clock is swaying slightly.

Adjust the clocks to their respective pendulum state as shown in the screenshot above.

Collect the IQ test.

4. IQ Lock

Escape Simulator Brain Checkup IQ Lock

To unlock the IQ Lock, you need to refer to the IQ test.

The answer for Q1 is 2 (snake).

The answer for Q2 is 32 (16 x 2).

Lastly, the answer for Q3 is 3 (unfolded cube).

Hence, the combination for the IQ lock is “2”, “3”, “2”, “3”.

Collect the Phrenology Book.

5. Phrenology Head

Escape Simulator Brain Checkup Phrenology Head

Open the middle cabinet and collect the Phrenology Head.

Now, you need to use the note that you’ve collected from the safe and the Phrenology Book to solve the Phrenology Head.

The note says, “melody”, “language”, “love of notoriety”, “lack of benevolence”, “combative”, and “destructive”.

According to the Phrenology Book:

  1. Melody = 6. Musical Talent.
  2. Language = 3. Verbal Talent.
  3. Love of notoriety = 5. Love of notoriety.
  4. Lack of benevolence = nothing (no benevolence).
  5. Combative/destructive = 9. Combativeness/Destructiveness.

Hence, the numbers that you need to select on the Phrenology Head are “6”, “3”, “5”, “9”.

Collect the Door Key.

Use the Door Key to open the door to escape Brain Checkup in Edgewood Mansion!

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