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Escape Simulator Cats in Time Walkthrough

Cats in Time is the second escape room in Escape Simulator in the Extra rooms.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn the answers for Cats in Time in Extra in Escape Simulator. 

This includes the U-Lock, screen, thermometer, cupboard, and more.

  1. Thermometer
  2. Cupboard puzzle
  3. Safe Door
  4. Clock
  5. Strange device
  6. Circles
  7. Plant U-Lock
  8. Computer screen
  9. Light bulb U-Lock
  10. Server desynced
  11. Time machine
  12. Bio-Charger
  13. Golden mirrors
  14. Kite
  15. Time machine (final)

1. Thermometer

Cats in Time Thermometer

Open the cabinet doors next to the plant.

Take the “Magic of numbers” book and read it.

The Fibonacci Sequence in the book is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, a, 13, 21, b, 55, 89, 144.

The actual Fibonacci Sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144.

Therefore, a = 8 and b = 34 respectively.

The water temperature is set to (ba).

Hence, the correct temperature of the thermometer should be 34.8 degrees Celsius.

2. Cupboard puzzle

Cats in Time cupboard puzzle

After you’ve entered the correct temperature of the thermometer, you’ll see the answer to the cupboard puzzle.

Answer: Smallest = top left, second smallest = bottom left, biggest = bottom right, and second biggest = top right.

3. Safe Door

Cats in Time Safe Door

After you’ve completed the cupboard puzzle, a safe door will appear.

Read the “Magic of numbers” book.

The Lucas Sequence in the book is 2, 1, 3, X, 7, Y, 18, Z, 47, 76, 123, 199.

The actual Lucas Sequence is 2, 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47, 76, 123, 199.

Therefore, X = 4, Y = 11, and Z = 29 respectively.

The combination of the safe is (XYZ).

Hence, the combination of the safe is 4, 11, and 29.

Take the key inside of the safe.

Open the top red drawer and take the locker.

Use the key to open the locker and collect the battery.

4. Clock

Open the last red drawer and take the dairy.

The dairy says that “Mr. Wiggles playtime” is at 1:15 pm.

Set the clock to 1:15 pm.

5. Strange device

Strange device Cats in Time Escape Simulator

Take the alarm clock next to the cupboard puzzle.

Click on the middle of the alarm clock for the answer to the strange device.

Light up the strange device according to the alarm clock (see screenshot) and collect the battery.

6. Circles

Cats in Time circles

Open the cabinet door under the tires.

Take the circular device.

Click on the light switch next to the canister.

Examine the circular device and click on the red button.

Smallest circle = fully lighted, second smallest circle = 1/2 lighted, biggest circle = 1/4 lighted, and second biggest circle = 3/4 lighted.

7. Plant U-Lock

Plant U-Lock Cats in Time

Collect the first plant from the top red shelf.

Collect the second and third plants from the orange shelves.

Put the rose-looking plant into the bio scanner.

Rotate the bio scanner to reveal the number, “3026”.

Enter “3026” into the Plant U-Lock.

Open the cabinet and collect the battery.

8. Computer screen

Click on the switch at the side of the orange table to reveal the computer.

View the computer and click on “Help” to reveal this hint, “I love October the most”.

Click on the calendar until you reach “October”.

The numbers 5, 14, and 1 are circled respectively.

Enter “5141” into the computer to unlock it.

9. Light bulb U-Lock

Light bulb U-Lock Cats in Time

Open the computer and select the light bulb icon.

Select “Infra Blue” and drag the light across the blackboard to reveal the secret numbers.

The numbers are 6, 2, 5, and 5 respectively.

Enter “6255” into the light bulb U-Lock.

10. Server desynced

Server desynced Cats in Time

Click on the blue button next to the gate to open it.

Collect the note and read it.

Compare the circle and square buttons to the ones inside the cabinet.

Match the lighted-up buttons to the patterns accordingly (see screenshot).

Collect the sync chip and place it into the chip holder.

11. Time machine

Open the machine door and place all 3 batteries into the time machine.

The note that you’ve collected from the “Server desynced” puzzle says “1921”.

Hence, set the time machine to “1921”.

12. Bio-Charger

Bio-Charger Escape Simulator

Take back all of the batteries from the time machine.

Place the battery into the bio-charger.

Open the sliding doors and collect the tablet.

Read the tablet and match the description of each plant to the bio-charger:

  • Extract the roots of the first plant.
  • Extract the stem of the second plant.
  • Extract the leaves of the third plant.

Collect the charged battery.

13. Golden mirrors

Open the doors next to the painting and collect the golden mirror and key.

Pull the lever to open the window.

Place the golden mirror into the rotator.

Place the battery in between the mirrors.

Rotate the light prism until the light hits the two mirrors.

Rotate the two mirrors until the light rays hit the light bulbs.

Collect the charged battery.

14. Kite

Go to the open window and insert the key into the keyhole.

Collect the kite inside the cabinet.

Place the battery.

Attach the kite to the key.

Collect the charged battery.

15. Time machine (final)

Place all 3 charged batteries into the time machine.

Click on the red button to escape Cats in Time in Escape Simulator!

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