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Escape Simulator Metaverse Walkthrough

Metaverse is the final escape room in Escape Simulator in Omega Corporation.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn the answers for Metaverse in Omega Corporation in Escape Simulator. 

This includes what is X times Y, the disk storage unit, virus stuck in a loop, VR headset, move the block puzzle, laser puzzle, and the 4 in line puzzle.

  1. XxY=?
  2. Disk Storage Unit
  3. Virus stuck in a loop
  4. VR Headset
  5. First puzzle
  6. Second puzzle
  7. Final puzzle

1. XxY=?

Escape Simulator Metaverse XxY

Collect the toolbox on the floor.

Open it and collect the electrical tape, battery, and panel remover tool.

Use the panel remover tool to remove the panel on the floor.

Use the electrical tape to fix the wire.

After you’ve fixed the wire, you’ll see two numbers in the middle of the room.

You can see each number by standing on the “X” tape and the “Y” tape respectively.

The numbers are “50” and “74”.

Click on the “Open” button.

The answer for XxY = 50 x 74 = 3700.

Collect the first USB Key.

2. Disk Storage Unit

Escape Simulator Metaverse Disk

Collect all of the disks on the floor and the papers.

Collect the clipboard under the construction helmet.

You need to insert disk EA7C and disk B24D in the disk storage unit.

However, EA7C is corrupted and B24D is outside the glass.

Hence, you need to insert the backup disks.

The clipboard says “Backup for 2A3B is 3B4C” and “Backup for B2SQ is C3TR”.

The backup for 2A3B is 3B4C, which means that you just need to move the numbers and letters up by one.

Here’s how 3B4C is derived from 2A3B: 2 + 1 = 3, the alphabet after A is B, 3 + 1 = 4, and the alphabet after B is C.

Using this logic, the backup for disk EA7C is FB8D and the backup for disk B24D is C35E.

Hence, you need to insert FB8D and C35E respectively.

After you’ve inserted the correct backup disks, you’ll need to complete the Binary Tree.

To complete the Binary Tree, you need to select the parent patterns.

This includes a diagonal line with a spike, a straight line with a triangle, and a ribbon.

Collect the second USB key.

3. Virus stuck in a loop

Escape Simulator Metaverse Virus Loop

The note next to the keypad says, “It’s stuck in a loop. Virus moves swiftly, from one to another, until they all shut down”.

To solve the riddle, you need to look at A, B, C, D, E, and F immediately after they all shut down.

After they all shut down, you need to find the 1st alphabet that turns red followed by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th one.

Here’s the order of the loop:

  • A is the first one that turns red after they all shut down.
  • C turns red shortly after A does.
  • F turns red shortly after C does.
  • E turns red shortly after F does.
  • D turns red shortly after E does.
  • B turns red shortly after D does and they all shut down.
  • The loop repeats itself.

Hence, the code for the keypad is A, C, F, E, D, B.

Collect the final USB Key.

4. VR Headset

Escape Simulator Metaverse VR Headset

Insert all 3 USB keys into the VR headset.

Collect the VR headset and inspect it.

Insert the battery into the battery slot to turn it on.

5. First puzzle

Escape Simulator Metaverse Move The Block Puzzle

After you’ve inserted a battery into the VR headset, you’ll land on the first puzzle.

The first puzzle requires you to move the green block to the end.

To accomplish this, you need to move the red blocks out of the way of the green block.

Repeat this process until the green block reaches the end of the puzzle.

6. Second puzzle

Escape Simulator Metaverse Laser Puzzle

The second puzzle requires you to align the mirrors until the lasers hit the appropriate targets.

The green laser needs to hit the green targets, the blue laser needs to hit the blue targets, and the red laser needs to hit the red targets.

Align the mirrors as shown in the screenshot above.

Only one mirror is not properly aligned in the screenshot.

The mirror that is not properly aligned in the screenshot is the one that isn’t reflecting the green laser.

After the green laser is reflected, the puzzle will be solved.

7. Final puzzle

Escape Simulator Metaverse 4 in line

The final puzzle requires you to form 4 Xs in a line.

The line can either be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

The best way to form 4 Xs in a line is to form 3 Xs in a line first.

If you form 3 Xs in a line, the bot won’t be able to prevent you from forming 4 Xs.

After you’ve formed 4 Xs in a line, you’ll be able to escape Metaverse in Omega Corporation!

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