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Escape Simulator Executive Office Walkthrough

Executive Office is the third escape room in Escape Simulator in Omega Corporation.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn the answers for Executive Office in Omega Corporation in Escape Simulator.

This includes the BBS number, secret code, Y-Copy, Unlocker, Cassette player, BASIC10, and more.

  1. Dial BBS number
  2. Secret code
  3. Y-Copy
  4. Unlocker
  5. Cassette player
  6. BASIC10
  7. Select three ties
  8. Quantum Chip

1. Dial BBS number

Escape Simulator Executive Office BBS Number

Look outside the window to find the BBS number.

Click on the computer that asks you to dial the BBS number.

The BBS number can be found on the building outside the window.

The number is 555256222.

2. Secret code

Escape Simulator Executive Office Secret Code

The hint for the secret code is “From dawn to sunset hidden in plain sight”.

Hence, the order of the secret code is dawn, sunset, and night.

If you look outside the window, there are 3 buildings with a number.

In addition, each building has a poster.

This includes “Morning Delight”, “Noon Radio”, and “Evening News”.

The building with the “Morning Delight” poster has a “2”, the building with the “Noon Radio” poster has a “6”, and the building with the “Evening News” poster has an “8”.

According to this, the secret code is “268”.

Collect the first Quantum Chip.

3. Y-Copy

Escape Simulator Executive Office Y-Copy Images

Click “Eject” to eject the disk out of the PSS-BSS v1.07 computer.

Collect the blue floppy disk.

Collect the key behind the plant on the desk.

Use the key to open the first drawer and collect the red floppy disk.

Place the red and the blue floppy disk into the floppy disk readers.

Click on the computer and click on “Y-COPY”.

Now, you’ll see 4 images.

You need to select the correct name for each image.

For this, you need to refer to the picture frames in the room.

The correct names are “Infogames”, “Brainscape”, “Similaris”, and “Bullfly”.

4. Unlocker

Escape Simulator Executive Office Unlocker

After you’ve selected the correct names, you’ll land on “Y-COPY professional”.

Click on “Analyze” to analyze the sectors.

There are 3 bad sectors.

You need to make out the numbers in each sector.

The first sector contains a “2”, the second sector contains an “8”, and the third sector contains a “7”.

Close the page and click on “Unlocker”.

Enter 2, 8, 7, and click on “OK”.

Collect the second Quantum Chip.

5. Cassette player

Escape Simulator Executive Office What Number Am I Thinking Of

Click the left and right buttons on the desk to open the drawers.

Collect the cassette tape from the right drawer.

Open the third drawer and collect the screwdriver box.

Collect the screwdriver and screwdriver heads inside the box.

Open the cassette player and place the cassette tape inside it.

Attach the square screwdriver head to the screwdriver.

Insert the screwdriver into the cassette player, turn it, and release it once you see a blue square.

The computer says, “What number am I thinking of?”.

Now, you need to guess the number that the computer is thinking of.

Firstly, enter “50” and see what the computer says.

If it says, “It’s a bit bigger”, enter a bigger number.

On the other hand, if it says, “It’s a bit smaller”, enter a smaller number.

You need to keep guessing the number until it’s right.

Collect the third Quantum Chip.

6. BASIC10

Escape Simulator Executive Office BASIC10 Level 3

Open the compartment under the final computer and collect the paper inside.

The paper is a “BASIC10 cheat sheet” containing 3 commands.

You need to use the cheat sheet to get the “EXPECTED” output on the computer.

Level 1:

  1. Print “Hello”.
  2. Print “World”.

Level 2:

  1. TxtColor (2).
  2. Print “Hello”.
  3. TxtColor (5).
  4. Print “World”.
  5. TxtColor (2).
  6. Print “Hello”.

Level 3:

  1. For I = 1 to 3.
  2. Print “Hello”.
  3. Next Counter.
  4. For I = 1 to 5.
  5. Print “World”.
  6. Next Counter.
  7. For I = 1 to 5.
  8. Print “World”.
  9. Next Counter.

Collect the final Quantum Chip.

7. Select three ties

Escape Simulator Executive Office Select Three Ties

Collect the black and green tie on the desk.

Collect the blue and yellow tie on the chair.

Open the second drawer and collect the red and white tie.

Click on the Quantum Computer and select the blue and yellow, black and green, and red and white tie.

8. Quantum Chip

Escape Simulator Executive Office Quantum Chip

Place the Quantum Chips inside the Quantum Chip slots.

Collect the key and insert it in the keyhole next to the lift.

You’ve successfully completed Executive Office in Omega Corporation in Escape Simulator!

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