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Escape Simulator The Lobby Walkthrough

The Lobby is the first escape room in Escape Simulator in Edgewood Mansion.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn the answers for The Lobby in Omega Corporation in Escape Simulator.

This includes the evacuation keypad, Touch Screen Computer, Symbol Keypad, The Briefcase, Security Clearance, and the Fruit Password.

  1. Evacuation Keypad
  2. Touch Screen Computer
  3. Symbol Keypad
  4. The Briefcase
  5. Security Clearance
  6. Fruit Password

1. Evacuation Keypad

Escape Simulator The Lobby Keypad

The notepad next to the keypad contains a hint.

The hint says, “Escape from office B-4”.

To get the passcode for the keypad, you need to refer to the evacuation plan.

To escape office B-4, you need to go to the restaurant, hall-8, and the lobby respectively.

Walking to the restaurant, hall-8, and the lobby forms a reverse “L”.

Hence, the passcode for the keypad is 4, 5, 8, 0 (according to the reverse “L”).

Collect the Metal Detector.

2. Touch Screen Computer

Escape Simulator The Lobby Touch Screen Computer

Flip the Touch Screen Computer.

Open the second shelf and collect the cake photograph.

Collect the picture frame on the reception desk.

Collect the left and right boots on the floor.

Click on the Touch Screen Computer to view it.

Click on “Forgot password” for a hint.

The hint says, “My age, My Pink Favorite Beauty, Left then right”.

My age = cake photograph = 30.

My Pink Favorite Beauty = car = 53.

Left then right = left boot and right boot = 9 and 8.

Hence, the password is 305398.

3. Symbol Keypad

Escape Simulator The Lobby Symbol Keypad

The Symbol keypad contains multiple chess symbols.

The hint next to the symbol keypad says, “The workers painted over the writing schematics”.

Hence, you need to examine the paintings on the wall.

Use the metal detector and place it on each painting.

The metal detector will turn green when you place it on the queen, king, and bishop paintings.

Hence, the correct symbols for the keypad are king, queen, bishop.

Collect the briefcase.

4. The Briefcase

Escape Simulator The Lobby Briefcase

The hint on the briefcase says, “The code is on the bracelet that’s inside the case. Left is regular, right is reversed”.

To see the bracelet that’s inside the case, you need to put it inside the X-ray machine.

Access the computer and click on “X-ray” to see the number on the bracelet.

The number on the bracelet is “619”.

If you reverse the number, it will be “916”.

Hence, the first combination is “619” and the second combination is “916” respectively.

Collect the keycard.

5. Security Clearance

Escape Simulator The Lobby Security Clearance

Access the Touch Screen Computer and click on “Security Clearance”.

Now, you need to pick 3 symbols that are missing.

You need to refer to the sign under the Touch Screen Computer for this.

The 3 symbols that are missing are no smoking, no shopping, and no weapons.

Click on “Change” to change the current employee.

The keycard that you’ve collected from the briefcase has an ID number of “042”.

Hence, you need to enter “042” and click on “Confirm”.

Change the clearance level to 5.

6. Fruit Password

Escape Simulator The Lobby Fruit Password

Access the Touch Screen Computer and click on “LED Display Controls”.

Change the display message to “Important”.

Now, the display message above the water dispenser will say, “011 101 001”.

Collect the tree decoration on the table.

Place the keycard on the card reader to reveal the fruit symbols.

Now, you need to refer to the display message and the tree decoration.

The display message says, “011 101 001”.

The tree decoration contains 0s and 1s.

You need to find the fruit symbol that 011, 101, and 001 lead to respectively:

0, 1, 1 leads to the apple symbol.

1, 0, 1 leads to the banana symbol.

0, 0, 1 leads to the cherry symbol.

Hence, the password is apple, banana, and cherry.

After you’ve entered the password, you’ll be able to escape The Lobby in Omega Corporation!

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