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Escape Simulator First Chamber Walkthrough

First Chamber is the first escape room in Escape Simulator in Labyrinth of Egypt after the tutorial.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to complete the First Chamber in Labyrinth of Egypt in Escape Simulator.

  1. Sphinx
  2. Eagle puzzle
  3. Pyramidion
  4. First door maze
  5. Second door maze

1. Sphinx

Escape Simulator First Chamber Sphinx

Collect the “Egyptology 102” book from the ground.

Take the Sphinx from the pillar (it contains a night symbol).

Open the wall that contains a hand symbol.

Place the Sphinx inside the wall’s hole (darkness as stated in the Egyptology 102 book).

Collect the Sphinx from the wall’s hole (it contains a water symbol).

Place the Sphinx in the bowl of water and it will be transformed into a pyramidion part.

Collect the Pyramidion part from the bowl of water.

2. Eagle puzzle

Escape Simulator First Chamber Eagle Puzzle

Collect the suitcase from the ground and unlock it by clicking on the two switches.

Collect the brush and the “Egyptology 101” book inside the suitcase.

Brush the chest under the eagle puzzle by holding the left mouse button to reveal the Egyptian numerals.

Based on the “Egyptology 101” book, the Egyptian numerals on the chest add up to “3426”.

Enter “3426” using the 4 dices and take the key from the cage.

Use the key to unlock the chest under the eagle puzzle.

Collect the last Pyramidion part in the chest.

3. Pyramidion

Escape Simulator First Chamber Pyramidion

Collect the rest of the Pyramidion parts on the ground (there should be 4 in total).

Place the 4 Pyramidions on the pillar (that contained the Sphinx).

Collect the door key from the pillar.

4. First door maze

Escape Simulator First Chamber First Door Maze

Place the door key on a door that contains a triangle to unlock the first maze.

The first maze requires you to select the symbols that allow you to complete the maze.

The correct symbols are “Lion”, “Container with a triangle”, “Rectangle”, and “Cactus”.

Collect the second door key after you’ve completed the maze.

5. Second door maze

Escape Simulator First Chamber Second Door Maze

Place the door key on another door that contains a triangle to unlock the second maze.

The second maze contains a more complicated maze that requires you to refer to the “Egyptian 102” book.

Only the bee leads to the center of the maze and the bee means “bjt” in the “Egyptian 102” book.

According to the book, “bjt” indicates “leg”, “snake”, and “semicircle”.

Hence, the correct symbols are “leg”, “snake”, and “semicircle”.

Collect the final door key after you’ve completed the maze.

Place the final door key on the final door that contains a triangle to escape the room!

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