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Escape Simulator Lost Spirits Walkthrough

Lost Spirits is the fourth escape room in Escape Simulator in Edgewood Mansion.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn the answers for Lost Spirits in Edgewood Mansion in Escape Simulator.

This includes the mannequin lock, Hands of Cosmos, Zoetrope lock, incense lock, tarot card lock, and board pieces.

  1. Mannequin Lock
  2. Hands of Cosmos
  3. Zoetrope Lock
  4. Incense Lock
  5. Tarot Card Lock
  6. Board Pieces

1. Mannequin Lock

Escape Simulator Lost Spirits Mannequin

Collect the first mannequin next to the Zoetrope.

Open the second drawer under the Hands of Cosmos and collect the second mannequin.

Collect the third mannequin on the couch.

Each mannequin has an alphabet (A, B, and C) and resembles a number.

The “A” mannequin resembles a “1”, the “B” mannequin resembles an 8″, and the “C” mannequin resembles a “2”.

Hence, the combination for the mannequin lock is 1, 8, 2.

Collect Jupiter and Mars.

Collect Earth on the table on the left and collect Saturn by opening the first drawer under the Hands of Cosmos.

2. Hands of Cosmos

Escape Simulator Lost Spirits Hands of Cosmos

Place Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Earth accordingly to open the Hands of Cosmos.

Collect the left and right paper next to the Hands of Cosmos.

The papers contain an illustration of a hand (one left and one right) containing multiple planets.

You need to select the planet on the Hands of Cosmos based on the placement of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Earth.

Select “Jupiter” on the top-left hand and select “Saturn” on the top-right hand.

Select “Earth” on the bottom right hand and select “Mars” on the bottom left hand.

You can follow the screenshot above.

After you’ve selected the correct parts of the hands, collect the key.

3. Zoetrope Lock

Escape Simulator Lost Spirits Zoetrope

Place each Zoetrope strip inside the Zoetrope, click on the switch to spin it, and look through the slits to see a number.

Collect the green Zoetrope strip on the table next to the Hands of Cosmos.

Use the key to unlock the cabinet under the grinder.

Collect the board piece, purple Zoetrope strip, note, and the tarot card box.

Collect the Zoetrope on the table and click on the switch to spin in.

The Zoetrope strip is red, contains a weighing scale symbol, and the number “8”.

Take out the red Zoetrope strip and place the purple Zoetrope strip.

The purple Zoetrope strip shows the number “6”.

Take out the purple Zoetrope strip and place the green Zoetrope strip.

The green Zoetrope strip shows the number “3”.

Hence, the combination to the Zoetrope lock is 8, 6, 3.

Open the cabinet and collect the board piece.

4. Incense Lock

Escape Simulator Lost Spirits Incense

You need to collect the appropriate ingredients from the drawer under the grinder and place them in the correct order into the bowl. If you’ve placed them in the wrong order, you need to re-do the process!

Collect the “Botany Illustrated” book and the “Incense” book.

There are 3 circled ingredients in the “Incense” book.

This includes “Morning Bells Flower (whole)”, Mandragora Leaf (whole), and Almond (ground).

Click on the drawer under the grinder to open it.

Now, you need to refer to the “Botany Illustrated” book to collect the ingredients required to make a psychic incense.

According to the book, you need to collect the purple flower, the leaves on the bottom left of the drawer, and the almonds.

Place the almonds in the grinder, grind it, and collect it.

Place the purple flower, leaves, and the ground almonds in the bowl respectively.

The numbers 2, 4, and 9 will then be revealed.

Hence, the correct combination for the Incense Lock is 2, 4, 9.

Open the cabinet and collect the board piece.

5. Tarot Card Lock

Escape Simulator Lost Spirits Tarot

Refer to the note (containing 4 sentences) and the tarot cards (containing roman numerals) in your inventory to get the combination for the Tarot Card lock.

Open the Tarot Card Box to see 9 cards.

Open the note to see 4 sentences.

To get the combination to the Tarot Card Lock, you need to find the numbers (Roman numerals) from the tarot cards that are associated with the sentences on the note.

  1. It was at the Emperor’s ball when I saw her for the first time = The Emperor card = 5.
  2. Very soon we became Lovers and made our vows before the Priestess = The Lovers card + The High Priestess card = 6 + 2 = 8.
  3. Oh what a Fool I have been! = The Fool card = 0.
  4. She was the World to me, but the Fortune would not have it In time our love lost strength = The World card + Wheel of Fortune card + Strength card = 21 – 10 – 8 = 3.

Hence, the combination for the Tarot Card lock is 5, 8, 0, 3.

Open the cabinet and collect the board piece.

6. Board Pieces

Escape Simulator Lost Spirits Board Pieces

Now, you should have 4 board pieces in your inventory.

Place the 4 board pieces on the table in the middle of the room.

The painting will slide down and 8 letters and candles will be revealed.

You need to memorize the order in which the candles are lighted up.

The candles will spell out, “Void”.

Move the magnifying glass on the table to “V”, “O”, “I”, and “D” respectively to spell “Void”.

After you’ve spelled “Void”, you’ll be able to escape Lost Spirits in Edgewood Mansion!

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