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Executive Roleplay Discord Server

The Executive Roleplay Discord server offers an immersive experience with a community of over 300 members.

It primarily focuses on the LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) in a gaming environment.

The server sees an average of hundreds of players daily, with higher activity at night.

The server provides a diverse range of roles for both male and female characters, and it is controller-friendly.

Active departments include the PD, EMS, Mechanics, and Real Estate, with specialized units such as the K9 unit.

There are multiple job options available, both through whitelisted and non-whitelisted positions.

This article contains Executive Roleplay (RP) Discord server, what the server is about, how to join it, and more.

What is the Executive RP Discord server?

The Executive RP server offers various activities such as dumpster diving, apartment, and house renting with IKEA-like decoration options, and motels.

The server features a comprehensive police CAD system, custom cars, and clothing options.

Other gameplay elements include cargo runs, a police database, a full prison interior, and racing competitions.

It also has regular events like fight nights, parties, car shows, meetups, and more.

The server has a wide selection of over 300 custom cars that can be acquired using in-game currency.

In addition, there are whitelisted businesses that offer services such as storage.

Executive Roleplay Discord Server

The Executive Roleplay Discord server link is https://discord.gg/eZnA35KHKC.

The server has more than 1,300 members and you have to accept the rules to join.

It has multiple channels—#chat, #irl, #highlights, #rp-events, and more.

The most popular channel is the #chat channel where you can talk about anything.

To unlock the full features of the server, you need to click on the tick emoji to agree to the rules.

Executive Roleplay Discord server rules

1) Cop Baiting
The act of messing with police officers just to force an altercation for yourself on the server.

2) VDM
Vehicle Death Match. Running people over with a vehicle is strictly prohibited.

3) Fail-RP
Breaking character, talking whilst downed unless with EMS to explain injuries, talking OOC whilst in a scene. Jumping off a building and being able to run away.

4) Police Vests/Uniforms
This falls under fail RP and will result in a warning, you are unable to retrieve a police uniform in real life. Utilize this in your RP.

5) Fear RP
Not fearing for your life is also categorized under fail RP. You are outnumbered, more than likely with guns/weapons aimed at you. Be sure to act how you would in a real-life situation.

6) Breaking Character
If you are in an active scene it is not acceptable to break from that scene. If there is a problem or something you disagree with, go to the staff waiting chat on Discord.

7) RDM
Random Death Match (the act of shooting someone with no legitimate roleplay reason.

8) No Initiation Roleplay
If you are taking somebody hostage you must tell them that you are doing so.

9) Metagaming
Use information from an outside source to your advantage in the city.

10) Powergaming
Abusing a game mechanic to help you out in a roleplay scenario.

11) NLR – New Life Rule
After dying or respawning you do not remember what happened to you, you can, however, have a friend tell you what happened.

12) Default Danny
Do not roleplay as a default character, be sure to personalize your in-game self. If there is an issue and you are unable to do so, open a ticket or sit in staff waiting and someone will be with you to help.

13) Griefing
You are not allowed to camp by pillbox waiting for people to be respawned.

14) Combat-Logging
Combat logging is logging out to avoid an interaction.

16) Exploiting
Using the mechanics/bugs of the game to help you in character.

17) Threats
OOC threats are not allowed in any way shape or manner this will result in a permanent ban.

18) Green Zones
Greens zones are areas where violent actions will not be tolerated.

19) Carrying
Do not carry someone whilst driving unless in an emergency, as well as multiple people at a time.

20) Hot Mic
When your mic is left on and people can hear your background noise or ambient noise.

21) No intent to Roleplay
Don’t do lazy RP. We are striving to be a high-quality roleplay server, and looking for a good time.

22) Harassment
We do not take kindly to harassment on a player that does not want to be engaged like that.

23) Forced Roleplay
We do not take kindly to any type of rape or weird styles of RP that would make someone uncomfortable.

24) Use of third-party software
Discord communications are prohibited when in the city, this is a form of metagaming.

25) Offensive Roleplay
No inappropriate behavior or the use of slurs.

26) External Crosshairs
Do not use a crosshair.

27) Intentional Ramming
Continuously ramming a player’s car just to start a conflict.

28) Illegal Bragging
Don’t advertise illegal products or services.

29) OOC-Chat Usage
Do not spam OOC chat in the city or try and use it to gain character knowledge.

30) Microphone
A working microphone is required and if you are caught without one you will be banned.

31) Microphone
Spamming a message in OOC, 911, or /calladmin will not be tolerated.

32) Steam Names
No racial, homophobic, or graphic/offensive steam names.

33) Account Responsibility
If someone else is playing on your account, you are responsible for the actions they do.

34) Character Names
Character names need to be realistic.

35) Respawning In a Police Interaction
It is forbidden to respawn.

36) Robbing Cops
No robbing, as we are set in an LA environment which would typically have a large number of officers on duty.

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